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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Maddie's Team Management Rankings - SP

Here we go again with the controversial rankings. For those that don't know, Maddie's Team Management is an excel spreadsheet that aims to rank pitchers and playes based on their ratings in the related categories. The spreadsheet may be found in the forums by clicking http://www.whatifsports.com/forums/Posts.aspx?TopicID=420487&TopicsTimeframe=30 and following the instructions.

Without further ado, SP's -

Rules -

Based on current rankings
Must be in ML
Stamina must be at least 60

1. Sammy Iglesias, Montreal
2. Phil Pride, Santa Cruz
3. J.R. Beckett, New Orleans
4. Ivy Latham, Scottsdale
5. Wascar Franco, Chicago
6. Geraldo Mendez, Houston
7.Juan Vincente, Pittsburgh
8. Victor Sierra, Boston
9. Timothy Crawford, Philadelphia
10. Alexi Terrero, Boston
11. Dave Darr, Houston
12. Fritz Lynch, Montreal
13. Willie Wheat, Philadelphia
14. Philip Colin, Durham
15. Bill Elster, Philadelphia
16. Cory Clark, Buffalo
17. T.J. Perez, Cincinnati
18. Heinie Conigliaro, Montreal
19. Willis Floyd, Houston
20. Jeff Woods, Montreal

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