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Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekly Rankings - Week 7

1. Cincinnati Redlegs (95-45) Prev #2 - A controversial new #1 but the numbers do not lie. They are 1st in exp. win percentage and run differential and are second to LA in wins. They also had the bext week at 16-4, with a sweep of Philadelphia. They are first in batting, third in pitching, and seventh in fielding. Run differential +345

2. Los Angeles Hollywoods (102-38) Prev #1 - Another very good week for the best NL team, going 14-6 with a four game sweep of Houston. They are seventh in batting, first in pitching, and below average in the field. Run differential +286

3. Houston Hangovers (93-47) Prev #3 - Houston barely holds off a hard-charging Montreal for the #3 spot. They were a very average 11-9 on the week, with a sweep at the hands of LA. They are sixth in batting, second in pitching, and sixth in the field. Run differential +264

4. Montreal Garde Imperial (88-52) Prev #4 - Montreal stays at 4 but closes the gap on Houston with a 14-6 week. They did lose 2 of 3 to fading Boston. They are 4th in Batting, 5th in Pitching, and average in the field. Run differential +226

5. Philadelphia Bacharach Giants (87-53) Prev #5 - Philly stays in the Top 5 for the 3rd consecutive week with a 13-7 week. They were swept by Cincy but have won their last 3 games. They are 5th in Batting, 6th in Pitching, and 3rd in Fielding. Run differential +217

6. Rochester Red Wings (89-51) Prev #6 - Rochester also holds down the 6th spot for the 3rd consecutive week with a very good 14-6 week. They were an amazing 5-2 vs. Houston and LA. They are 12th in Batting, 7th in Pitching, and 5th in Fielding. Run differential +147

7. Durham Tar Heels (84-56) Prev #8 - Durham jumps their bitter rival to continue their steady climb. They were 12-8 on the week, with a sweep of New Orleans. They are 3rd in Batting, 13th in Pitching, and 1st in Fielding. Run differential +201

8. Boston Tea Partiers (84-56) Prev #7 - Boston is fighting with Durham for the final AL playoff spot. They have lost 7 of their last 10 games. They are 2nd in Batting, 12th in Pitching, and 9th in the field. Run differential +188

9. Chicago Black Sox (81-59) Prev #10 - An 11-9 week sees the Sox barely holding on to their spot. They did win 2 of 3 from Rochester, however. They are 11th in Batting, 12th in Pitching, and 15th in the field. Run differential +104

10. Cleveland Wahoos (76-64) Prev NR - A 12-8 week usually would not see you into the Top 10 but they were the best out of the contenders. They took 5 of 6 from Mexico City and 2 of 3 from Chicago. They are 8th in Batting, average in Pitching, and 13th in the Field. Run differential +90

Dropped Buffalo Bisons - Prev #8

11. Buffalo
12. Honolulu
13. Mexico City
14. New Orleans

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