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Saturday, April 9, 2011

FA Day 3

Some big money spent on day 3, including the follwoing:

Louie Delgado 2B Pittsburgh 5 yrs, #102 million

Analysis - As a 30 yrd old former MVP, Delgado was sure to certain to earn a very large contract. While many thought he might get a maximum contract, he fell $8 million shy of the mark. He has batted .300 with 446 homers and 1170 RBI's in 10 ML seasons. He is a below average CF and an average 2B. He has won 2 MVP's, appeared in 4 all-star games, and has 2 rings. Should contribute at a very high level for all 5 years.

Garry Francis Montgomery, 5 yrs $63.5 million with a no-trade clause

Analysis - Francis is a 31 yr old 3B that has hit 269 homers and knocked in 837 runs in 9 ML seasons. He is an outstanding defensive 3B that should produce for all 5 seasons of the contract. He has 3 all-star appearances and has won one silver slugger. A good pick-up for a good team.

T.J. Perez 4 yrs $43 million with a team option for a 5th year at $9 million and a no-trade clause

Analysis - Perez is 104-90 with an ERA of 4.00 and a WHIP of 1.33 and could have been one of the most saught after SP's on the market. He has two rings and no other awards. All signs point to an improved situation for him as he moves to a slightly better pitcher's park. He should be the #1 OR #2 SP for a Montgomery team taht has invested heavily in the FA market.

Andy Jefferson RP, Jacksonville 1 yr, $3 million

Analysis - Holy bullpen! After picking up both Encarnacion and Mathews, Jacksonville adds the S1-S10 all-decase closer to round out the bullpen. Jefferson has saved 536 of 601 games, with an ERA of 3.28 and a WHIP of 1.20 over 13 ML seasons. This is a very good deal for a closer that has shown little decline.

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