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Monday, April 11, 2011

HOF Pitchers - OPS allowed

The HOF is exclusive, but how exclusive should it be? Here, the blog attempts to find the best way to evaluate Starting Pitchers. (Please see my 1/23 post explaining the numbers)

OPS Allowed

The numbers basically compare a player's OPS allowed to the average pitcher's OPS allowed over the same period of time. Both sets of numbers are readily available.

In my 1/23 post, it was concluded that any starting pitcher that has an OPS allowed over the span of his career that is .150 points better than the average pitcher over that same period should enter the HOF with no debate, assuming a win total that is reasonably good. Any SP that is .130 points better should aslo be a first ballot HOFr. A pitcher with a career OPS allowed that is .100 better than the average pitcher during that same span, will have played at an all-star level for his entire career. Anything less than .100 needs further examination. Of course, OPS allowed shouldn't be the only resource, wins, saves, K's, and awards must be considered.

Hall of Fame Members

Rob Branson - .154 better than average

Hall of Fame Candidates (worthy newcomers and those with 4 or more votes previously)

Karl Greenberg - .091 better than average

Stephen Schourek - .091 better than average

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