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Monday, April 4, 2011

Top 5 Free Agents - Position Players

Free Agency is the best and worst of times. Your present and future can be changed in an instant, or crushed by a team with more money to spend. A quick review of budgets reveals that teams are ready to spend, and ready to win. Here are the Top 5 position players as ranked by Maddie's Team Management.

1. Garry Francis - CF, San Antonio

Summary - The 6th pick of the Season 7 draft, Francis has appeared in 3 all-star games. He has played out of position, but would be a plus in the field at any position other than C, SS, or CF. He has batted .278, with 269 homers and 867 RBI's

Prediction - 5 yrs, $50 million to Pittsburgh, Montgomery, Oklahoma, San Francisco, Helena, or Salt Lake City

2. J.C. Drew, 2B, Louisville

Summary - At 29 years old, Drew might command the most on the open market. He has good range but an average glove. He has batted .282, with 141 homers and 489 RBI's. He was the 9th pick of the Season 11 draft.

Prediction - 5 yrs, $60 million to Scottsdale, Kansas City, Louisville, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, or Baltimore

3. Louie Delgado, CF, Houston

Summary - The 30 year old has been a key member in Houston's success. He is a 2-time MVP and has batted .300 with 446 homers and 1170 RBI's. He is an ideal corner outfielder and one of the better players in the game. It is not often that 30 year olds with multiple MVP's become available.

Prediction - Max Contract. Only Baltimore, Buffalo, Chicago, Helena, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Montgomery, Salem, Salt Lake, San Antonio, and Scottsdale can afford him.

4. Billy Ray Simpkins, 3B, Honolulu

Summary - The 32 year old and 9th pick of the Season 7 Draft enters Free Agency with the hope of one more major contract. He is an above average 3B with elite contact vs. LHP. He will struggle at times with RHP. He has batted .269 with 218 homers and 744 RBI's.

Prediction - 3 years, 30 million. Most likely to a team on the verge returning to the playoffs - Hartford, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Montgomery

5. Lou Jenkins, 3B, Montgomery

Summary - At 32 years old, teh 2nd pick of the Season 6 draft is also hopinf for waht will likely be his final long-term contract. He is a good defensive 3B, with good contact and splits but very little power. He took a big rating hit, but he would be a good top of the order option for someone.

Prediction - 3 years, $20 million to a playoff team. Houston, Los Angeles, Montreal, Santa Cruz, Buffal, or Chicago

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