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Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekly Rankings - Week 3

1. Boston Tea Partiers (44-16) Prev #3 - Boston completes its rapid rise to the top with a league best 15-4 for the week. They own the best record, best exp win %, and best run differential. They are 1st in Batting, 6th in Pitching, and 1st in Fielding. Run differential +116

2. Montreal Garde Imperiale (37-24) Prev #4 - Montreal had an average 11-9 week, with series losses to Baltimore and Scottsdale. They are 6th in Batting, 5th in Pitching, and 5th in Fielding. Run differential +100

3. Philadelphia Bacharach Giants (39-12) Prev #6 - A 12-7 week sees the BeeGees move up to #2, sweeping Santa Cruz along the way. They are 4th in Batting, 8th in Pitching, and 9th in Fielding. Run differential +83

4. Chicago Black Sox (37-23) Prev #7 - The Sox rebound with a 12-7 week, with a sweep of LA and a series win vs. Houston. They are 2nd in Batting, and average in both Pitching and Fielding. Run differential +85

5. Memphis Blue's (41-20) Prev #5 - The Blue's show some stability in a very unstable Top 10 with a 12-7 week. They swept Dover (twice) and Hartford but are currently struggling vs. Jacksonville. They continue to rely on a pitching (#1) and defense (#2) to make up for a suspect offensive unit. Run differential +64

6. Durham Tar Heels (36-24) Prev #9 - Another strong week (12-7) sees Durham climb three spots. They swept New Orleans and Salt Lake, but lost series to Scottsdale and Montreal. They are 3rd in runs scored, above average in pitching, and 8th in Fielding. Run differential +78

7. Jacksonville Timucuan's (39-22) Prev #2 - The former top AL team drops dramatically after a 9-11 campaign. Before we write them off, however, we must realize that 8 of those 11 losses came to #1 Boston and #2 Montreal. They are 7th in Batting, 7th in Pitching, and 3rd in Fielding. Run differential +69

8. Los Angeles Hollywoods (39-21) Prev #1 - LA falls due to two reasons - a 10-9 week, and a -10 run differential on that week. They seem to have righted the ship, winning 5 of their last 6 following a 6-game losing streak. They are above average in Batting, 4th in Pitching, and above average in Fielding. Run differential +64

9. Honolulu Tropics (32-28) Prev NR - Honolulu re-enters the rankings after a one-week absence with a 11-8 week. They have, however, lost 5 of their last 7 and will need to pick it up with many other teams poised to take their spot. They are below average in Batting, 3rd in Pitching, and above average in Fielding. Run differential +45

10. Hartford Whalers (33-27) Prev NR - Hartford is a suprise addition after an average 10-9 week. Their entrance is largely at the expense of Kansas City, which was the victim of 7 of their 10 wins. They are above average in all categories. Run differential +37

8. New Orleans Causeway Cajuns
10. Buffalo Bisons

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