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Friday, June 10, 2011

Playoff Picture - NL

1. Memphis Blue's (100%)

The Blue's have clinched and are now just fighting for the #1 seed, which they are leading by one over LA. Remaining games - Kansas City (4), Los Angeles (4), Montgomery (3), Louisville (3)

2. Los Angeles Hollywoods (99%)

LA is one up in the west, but 11 up for the WC2 spot. It's hard to envision a scenario whereby the Hollywoods miss out on a spot. A crucial 4 game set with Memphis with the #1 seed on the line. Remaining games - Detroit (4), Memphis (4), Helena (3), San Francisco (3)

3. Honolulu Tropics (95%)

Honolulu is one back of LA for the NL West title and only two back of Memhis for the #1 seed. They lead Hartford for the WC2 spot by 10 games. Remaining games - Hartford (4), Chicago (4), San Francisco (3), Helena (3)

4. Chicago Black Sox (85%)

Chicago is up 7 for the lead in the East, and would currently hold the WC2 spot if not in the division lead. Since they have two paths to the playoffs, they are placed above Cleveland. Remaining games - Louisville (4), Honolulu (4), Buffalo (3), Hartford (3)

5. Cleveland Wahoos (80%)

Cleveland is leading the NL East by 7 games over Pittsburgh. Their only real path to teh playoffs involves a division championship as they are 6 games out of the WC2 spot. Remaining games - Helena (4), Buffalo (4), Pittsburgh (3), Detroit (3)

6. Helena Hustle (75%)

Up 5 for the WC2 spot, down 5 for the WC1 spot, down 6 for the AL West title, and down 7 for the overall #1 seed, Helena's odds would be much better if they had an easier remaining schedule. Remaining schedule - Cleveland (4) Detroit (4) Los Angeles (3) Honolulu (3)

7. Hartford Whalers (30%)

Hartford is down 5 for the WC2 spot and down 7 in the AL East. They too have a brutal road to navgate, but have the best chance of the remaining teams. Remaining schedule - Honolulu (4), Montgomery (4), Dover (3), Chicago (3)

8. Dover Red Stockings (10%)

Although SHOTGUN has said that he has thrown in the towel, he still has a chance. Dover is 7 games back of the WC2 spot. Remaining games - San Francisco (4), Houston (4), Hartford (3), Buffalo (3)

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