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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Free Agency Day 2

Some starting pitching goes off of the board.......

1. Bill Elster, New Britain, 5 yrs. $79 million

Analysis - Many though that Elster was the top pitcher on the board. He's a 30 yr old lefty with elite stamina, vs left, and velocity. He has great control and a good variety of quality pitches. The only knock on him is that he struggles vs righties, but he is still a lock as a #1 SP. He is 112-91 with an ERA of 3.83.

2. Richard Aoki, Helena, 4 yrs $64 million

Analysis - Father Time Aoki just signed his 6th post-arbitration contract. He leads (or is likely to lead) almost every career "volume" category: strikeouts, games started, complete games, innings, and losses. He's a durable, dependable top of the rotation guy, the question remains for how long. He is 234-197 with an ERA of 3.89

3. Otto Podsednik, Dover, 5 yrs $30 million

Analysis - Podesednik is a #2 or #3 SP with very good stamina, sontrol, vs lefties, and velocity. he will struggle at times with righties, but should produce for all 5 seasons due to his elite makeup. He is 34-32 with a 4.52 ERA.

4. Daniel Reitsma, Buffalo, 3 yrs, $15 million

Analysis - Reitsma is a very good closer, with great splits and pitches. He gets in troune at times with his control, and has 185 career saves. A good pickup by the always crafty meece.

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