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Friday, July 8, 2011

Free Agency Day 3

Some big signings

1. Zach Page, Salem, 5 yrs $103 million with a no trade clause

Analysis - Wow, what a contract. Page is a gold glove 3B, multiple all-star, ace top of the order bat, and durable enough for 650 at bats every year. He will continue to do as much for another 3 seasons, at least. The question on this contract is whether or not he will hold up in years 4 and 5. He is a career .289 hitter with 146 homers and 628 runs batted in.

2. Keith Roosevelt, Salem, 5 yrs, $60 million

Analysis - Much better bang for the buck than Page. Roosevelt is an average defensive CF, but would be an elite LF, RF, 1B. He has batted .278 with 165 homers and 586 runs batted in. He has very good contact and power, and just average splits. He is only 29 so should produce for all 5 seasons of the contract.

3. Luis Azocar, Memphis, 5 yrs $70 million

Analysis - Azocar is a 31 year old SP with a career record of 108-63 and a career ERA of 3.94. He has very good stamina, control, velocity, and pitches. He is a pure grounball pitcher, but only has average splits. A good fit in Memphis.

4. Jeff Woods, Louisville, $91 million with a player option

Analysis - Woods was the premier SP on the market, and he will bring good value in the first two years of the contract. He is 221-113 with an ERA of 3.83. He is an older version of Azocar with better splits. He does possess elite makeup, so it isn't out of the question that he will finish out his contract in Louisville if the owner prioritizes his medical and training budget.

5. B.C. Vincente, Oklahoma City, 4 year $23 million

Analysis - A good pick-up for OKC, Vincente is 107-84 with an ERA of 4.52. He makes up for average spits with amazing control and a good variety of quality pitches. Not a bad signing considering all of the money being throws at SP's.

6. Victor Pichardo, Montreal, 4 years $20 million.

Analysis - Victor meet Henry, Henry, Victor. An on base machine, Pichardo will score plenty of runs in the high-powered Montreal offense. He is durable, but is only limited to 1B and DH. Those wanting to improve their team take notes on this deal. This is the best offensive player on this list, and it isn't close.

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