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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hall Of Fame - Position Players Part 2

So far we have -

Gary Thornton - 4.71

Rogers Torrealba - 2.26

Sparky McNamara - 2.93

Jorge Ortiz - 5.02

George Bowie - 4.32

Here are some more candidates mentioned in the world chat -

Sidney Allen

Win Shares Per Season - 2.05

A surprisingly low number for a big name. If you look at his ratings, though, he really wasn't elite. He's Harold Spradlin with better stamina and inferior vs. rhp. That being said, 600+ homers is hard to ignore.

Juan Beltre

Win Shares Per Season - 2.96

As a DH, Beltre may never get in. He batted an amazing .450 in season 7, a record that will never be broken. Still, he has two strikes against him - he's a DH and 2.96 may not be good enough

Donne Vina

Win Shares Per Season - 2.52

A good candidate but hurt by poor defense at SS.

Thom Martin

Win Shares Per Season - 3.11

A very good candidate that has no love in the vote. If the Hall lowers the WS threshhold to 3, he's got a chance.

Alex Johnson

Win Shares Per Season - 4.64

Johnson had a very good career at Catcher. He was average defensively, but outstanding at the plate with a career 1.030 OPS.

And, just for fun, 3 guys that have been talked about as sure-fire HOF'rs

Juan Johnson

Win Shares Per Season - 2.78

Wow! Juan is really hurt by the normalization. Can the hit king really be kept out?

Milton Simmons

Win Shares Per Season - 5.22

Sounds about right. Milton has been an amazing player for a long time. A lock for the HOF

Brent Sabel

Win Shares Per Season - 2.60

Another surprising number for a very good player. Hard to ignore all those awards.

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