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Friday, July 22, 2011

Rules, cont.

Currently, here is how it is shaping up. Please keep this discussion off of the world chat. If you have a comment, TC me and I will post it here

We will put the requirment to a vote via TC, and it will be the following -

- minimun win requirement over a 2 year period
- effective next season (Season 22)

Details to be ironed out (please vote to the right)

- grace period for newbies - 1 year or two years?
- minimum wins over 2 year period (130,120,110,or 100)?
- violators put to vote or automatic removal?


from rbjb - "put to vote, min 120 wins and 1 yr grace period. although I would have like to see at least 1 60 win season every 2 yrs. instead of over 120 wins in 2 yrs."

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