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Friday, July 1, 2011

Season 21 WS Champ Montreal - How They Did It, Budget

If you want to win in this game, learn from the best, and there is little argument that nhollan is one of the two most successful owners in our league. Let's take a look at his Season 20 Budget

83 million was spent on players, 7 more than the league average. No transfers were made to/from this budget, which indicates good planning, execution, and restraint.

Season 21 will likely be the 6th straight year that nhollan has spent "0" on international prospects and just enough to sign his draft picks (6). The league averages for these categories were 10 and 17 respectively. On these two categories alone, he saved 21 million vs. the rest of the league.

This was/is a very wise strategy as it takes an incredible amount of money alloted to both prospects and international scouts, not to mention player salary transfers, in order to secure a top international prospect. Even then, there is no guarantee that you will even see the elite prospects. It takes a commitment, however, as you can only decrease/increase so much per year.

To make up for a lack of international prospects, nhollan counted on the draft. He spent 15 million on high school scouts (league average is 13) and 16 million on college scouts (league average of 13). He also used trades to build his system through an advance scouting budget of 15, which was right at the league average.

He used most of his 10 million (league average is 11) in coaches on 90+ hitting and pitching coaches. The rest of his ML coaches were 750k or less. What's interesting is that he has basically punted on his bench coach for multiple seasons in a row, so it is clearly a strategy to not spend money on a bench coach.

nhollan is also a believer in spending on training and medical, hitting the max for 6straight seasons. His medical budget was 5 million higher than average, and his training was 4 higher. This is a very good strategy for older/WS contending teams, as you can hold ratings much longer in veterans, and still improve your younger guys. Additionally, injuries aren't as devastating on ratings and recoveries are better.

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