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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Next Season's Free Agent Class

After a record spending year in Season 21, next year's class is just as formidable. As of this post, the following are scheduled to be free agents

Position Players

Francis Herzog - All-decade CF will be 34 at the start of FA. Career .973 OPS.

Louis Spence - Considered for all-decade LF, Spence will be just 32. Career OBP of .427 and OPS of .959.

Esteban Owen - All-decade RF will turn 34 over the off-season. He is a career .307 batter with a .991 OPS.

Todd Frey - Another former Wahoo, RF Frey has 1000 career runs and RBI's and a career .886 OPS.

Benji Pulido - Only 30 years old, SS/3B Benji is a plus defender with plenty of power at the plate


Dave Darr - Surely he won't hit the market? A member of both all-decade teams and the best pitcher that the game has ever seen, Darr still has a couple of good season left in the tank.

Brian Williams - Just 30 years old, Williams has questionable stamina, but is still a very good pitcher.

Paulie Fox - A 29 year old lefty, Fox has had a very good season since being traded to Boston.

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