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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Free Agency - Day 1

Here are today's top signings

1. Esteban Owen, RF, Montgomery, 2 years, $11.6 million

Analysis - Owen is former MVP and 5 time all-star. He has a career average of .308 and an OPS of .991. At 34, he is losing some power, but will still be a good bet to bat over .300 and produce an OPS over .900. Very good value here.

2. Billy Ray Simpkins, 3B, St. Louis, 2 years, $12.2 million

Analysis - Simpkins is a career .268 hitter with a .783 OPS. He is better suited to play RF at this point in his career, but will still kill lefties. Career .353 OBP due to very good eye. Another good signing.

3. Benji Pulido, SS, Detroit 4 years, $31.6 million

Analysis - Detroit has improved their ML team more than any other this offseason (with St. Louis a close 2nd). They have added Benji Neill, Cristobal Mantalban,and Gustavo Melo through trades, and now a very good player in Pulido. Better suited for 3B, he has plenty of power and speed. Should be a good addition to a potential playoff team.

4. Brendan Watson, 1B, Helena, 2 years, $10 million

Analysis - One of those under the radar deals that makes a team a contender (or in this case, a WS champ). A little suspect at 1B, Watson more than makes up for it at the dish with a career OPS of .927. His power has faded a bit, but he is still a candidate to hit 40 HRs.

5. Paulie Fox, SP, Baltimore, 4 years, $26 million

Analysis - Thought by many to be the top SP on the market, Fox signed a relatively tame contract which indicates that there wasn't much interest in him. he is 62-63 with an ERA of 4.66, and an OPS allowed of .764. He is coming off of a very good year in Boston, and a repeat performance is not out of the question. A good pickup for Baltimore.

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