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Friday, October 7, 2011

Free Agency Day 2

Here are some of the top deals for Day 2:

1. Kevin Yamaguchi, RP, Kansas City, 5 yrs $27.1 million

Analysis - Kansas City is clearly a team on the rise and only a few pieces away from being complete. This move helps solidify KC's bullpen, and the front-loaded contract keeps KC's options open. The Gooch has a career 4.06 ERA and .739 OPS allowed

2. Todd Frey, RF, San Francisco, 4 years $30 million

Analysis - Another talented RF signed this offseason. Not as good as Owen, but still plays at a very high level. Career OPS of .885 with over 300 homers and 1000 runs and RBI's. Low make-up might lead to earlier than expected decline, but still a very good player.

3. Jiggs Hodges, RP, Kansas City, 3 years $16.8 million

Analysis - Signed yesterday, Jiggs fills another hole for up and coming KC. Career ERA of 4.86 and OPS allowed of .751, largely inflated by his time playing in homer-friendly Durham. Another front loaded contract and Jiggs' excellent make-up should see him contribute for all 3 years.

4. Rondell May, 3B, Baltimore, 4 years $25.6 million

Analysis - A defensive specialist with a slightly above average bat, May should fit nicley into Baltimore's starting line-up. A career .267 batter with an OPS of .722. He is a gold glove candidate at every position but SS or C.

5. Eric Ross, SP, Oklahoma City, 2 years $11.2 million

Analysis - A 38 year old lefty, Ross is 155-148 with a career ERA of 4.55 and a career OPS allowed of .766. Elite make-up should see him finish out his contract and be a productive middle of the rotation guy.

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