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Monday, October 10, 2011

Free Agency Day 3

1. Dutch Velarde, CF, Salem, 4 years $25.8 million

Analysis - Dutch has been a regular for Houston for the previous 6 ML seasons. He has an excellent glove, very good power, and can hit righties, but his eye is suspect. His career OPS of .828 is very good for a skill position - a good signing.

2. Brian Williams, SP/RP, Kansas City, 5 years $63 million

Analysis - The biggest contract given in the off-season goes to Williams, and he is clearly being paid starter money. He's a very good pitcher that is somewhat limited by his so-so stamina (for a starter, anyways). He has a career ERA of 3.92 and WHIP of 1.29. His OPS allowed is .703. All good numbers for an SP, and at 30 years old, he is likely to see out his contract as long as his stamina holds out.

3. Benji Rosa - SP, Salem, 3 years $18 million

Analysis - A top 5 available SP, Rosa is still going strong at 36 years old. Hopefully, he will have more success in Salem this time around as he was 11-40 in his last two years as an Aggie. Career numbers are skewed by those years, but he is an effective SP that will produce for at least two years.

4. Jose Cordero, SS, Dover, 2 years $7.8 million

Analysis - Dover picks up the top true (glove, range, arm ac, arm str all over 80) SS on the market. Cordero is a career .970 fielder at SS wih 0 negative plays. At the dish, he is a career .253 hitter with an OPS of .668 - acceptable numbers for a plus defender at the most important defensive position.

5. Francis Herzog, CF, Helena 3 years $19 million

Analysis - A shrewd signing for what is proving to be one of the top teams in the game. Signed to a contract front-loaded in the first two years, Herzog will be a nice addition to the WS champ. He is a career .284 batter with a .974 OPS. While not an ideal CF, his range and glove will allow him to play multiple positions. A very good signing.

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