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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Season 10 Draft Review - Picks 1-5

1. Benji Neill, 2B, Chicago (now Detroit)

Owner - Drafted by tzentmeyer
Overall Rating - 62 at time of draft, currently 89
Current Age - 30
Current Team - Detroit
Transactions - Traded to Durham in Season 20, Traded to Detroit in Season 22
DL - 15-day in Season 16
Contract Status - In the last year of a 4 year deal, unknown status for Season 23
Awards - 7x all-star, 3x Silver Slugger LF, 1 Gold Glove LF, voted all-decade LF
Stats - .324 BA, .927 OPS, 191 HR's, 745 RBI's
Summary - Any all-decade selection was a great pick. He is consistent and worth every penny. Perennial MVP candidate, although ability to play 2B is declining.

2. Keith Lanning, SS, Los Angeles (now St. Louis)

Owner - buckeye2280
Overall Rating - 61 at draft, 85 current
Current Age - 30
Current Team - Philadelphia
Transactions - Traded to Philadelphia in Season 17
DL - 15-day and 60-day stints in Season 20
Contract Status - Signed through Season 23 on his 2nd ML deal
Awards - 2x all-star, 2x silver slugger SS
Stats - .279BA, .859 OPS, 313 HR's, 913 RBI's
Summary - An amazing glove (and temper), with plus power for any position. He's a very good player and an acceptable defensive SS. One of the best all-around SS's in the game.

3. Cory Clark, SP

Owner - meece
Overall Rating - 75 at draft, 84 currently
Current Age - 32
Current Team - Buffalo
Transactions - 2 contract extensions, never traded
DL - never on DL
Contract Status - In the last year of his second ML contract. Unknown if re-signable
Awards - 6x all-star
Stats - 152-100, with a 3.30 ERA AND 1.18 WHIP. OPS allowed of .656
Summary - Great value for meece. He's never been on the DL and has produced for 10 ML seasons. A durable, dependale, inning eating #1.

4. Reese Mays, SP, Florida (now Oklahoma City)
Owner - robyoung81
Overall Rating - 59 at draft, 73 currently
Current Age - 33
Current Team - LA
Transactions - traded to Houston in Season 11, traded to Atlanta in Season 15, traded to Jacksonville in Season 20, released in Season 21, signed by LA in Season 21
DL - 5 stints, with 2 in the majors (one a 60-day trip)
Contract Status - under last year of a 2-year deal, scheduled to be a Free Agent
Awards - 1x All-star
Stats - 53-51 with a 4.89 ERA and 1.42 WHIP. OPS allowed of .781
Summary - Full of promise but derailed by injury. Not a bad pick, OKC did get many productive years from Tomas Martinez, who they received in a trade for Mays. A career long reliever.

5. Luis Morales, SS, Atlanta (now Chicago)
Owner - bbeane
Overall Rating - 72 at draft, 88 at peak, 85 at the moment
Current Age - 32
Current Team - Los Angeles
Transactions - Traded to LA in Season 12
DL - 1 15-day visit in Season 18
Contract Status - In the last year of 1st ML deal. Scheduled to be a free agent in Season 22
Awards - 3x All-star, 1 Silver Slugger at 2B, 1 Gold Glove at RF
Stats - .268 BA, .789 OPS, 268 HR's, 804 RBI's
Summary - Inexplicably declining (elite makeup and almost maxed out Training/Medical budgets), he has never reached his SS potential, but can play every other position except CF and C. Very good offensive ratings, but stats hurt by spacious LA ballpark.

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