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Friday, January 7, 2011

Free Agency Signings - Day 4

Day four is where some of the best deals are made. Here are some of them:

Ramon Chen - SP - Hartford, 5 years, $62.5 million with a mutual option for the last year

Analysis - Basically the same deal that Philip Colin got with Durham, 4 years and $50 million. He is a very good, inning eating, 3-time all-star with elite durability, health, and stamina. He also has a good chance at being the career leader in innings pitched. Like Colin, this a a very good deal for 2, maybe 3 years, and will have some dead money most likely in year 4. A good deal.

Alex Encarnacion - RP - Buffalo, 2 years, $10 million

Analysis - Signings like this one make Buffalo one of the elite teams in the league. Encarnacion is very good. His durability is a little low, but every other rating screams top notch reliever. The career numbers are distorted a bit by his one year in Colorado, but he should thrive in Dunn Tire Park. A very good signing.

Troy Whitehill - RP - Rochester, 2 years, $6.6 million

Analysis - Another Type A RP picked up late on the cheap, Whitehall compares favorably to Encarnacion in the stats department, but comes up a little short on the ratings side. However, he's cheaper and is no slouch. The blog likes this signing.

Angel Bonilla - CF - Durham, 2 years, $4.8 million

Analysis - Bonilla is a guy that always seems to be available at the end of FA. He's a plus CF in the field with plenty of pop at the plate. He does have a somewhat suspect arm, but should find a home at the homer freindly park in Durham. I'm biased, but he is a very good buy.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Season 18 Division Rankings

Based on Winning Percentage

1. AL North .576
2. NL East .551
3. AL East .539
4. NL South .509
5. AL South .475
6. NL North .469
7. NL West .463
8. AL West .418

AL was 1301-1291, NL was 1291-1301.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Free Agency Signings - Day 2

Bill Reed - SP - St. Louis, 5 yrs, $38.9 million

Analysis - Starting Pitching continues to be a hot commodity. Reed is a good pitcher, a #3 or maybe #2, that will win more than he loses. He has excelent durability, and should contribute for 4 of his 5 years.

Derrek Peters - SP - Santa Cruz, 5 yrs, $50 million with a mutual option.

Analysis - Peters is a better buy for me than Reed. He has better career stats and superior ratings. This is a 4 year deal as it is highly unlikely that the team will excercise the option, and I would rather have 4 years of Peters than 5 years of Reed.

Junior Ozuna - RP - Durham, 4 yrs, $27.2 million

Analysis - Quite a contract for someone who was released by their previous squad. He should remain in the bullpen for all 4 years and contribute nicely to a team in need of pitching.

Sammy Duran - SP - Cleveland, 4 yrs, $44 million

Analysis - Compared to the other SP deals, this seems excessive for a relatively low-rated lefty. His stats are very good, but he has been playing in LA. He is a 2-time all-star, so maybe the blog will be eating its words.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Free Agency Signings - Day 1

Here are some of the big deals of the day -

Eric Ross - SP - Santa Cruz, 3 years, $25.5 million and a no-trade clause.

Analysis - Ross joins a team on the verge of a run deep into the playoffs. He will give them two good years as a #2 or #3 starter. Good signing.

Junior Montero - SP - Rochester, 3 years, $18.9 million.

Analysis - I really like this deal. Montero is a top of the rotation guy that will produce in each of his three years. A very good signing.

Ahmad Bell - SS - Buffalo, 5 years, $50 million.

Analysis - Another good signing. $10 million per year is tremendous value for a guy that will hit 40 homers at a skill position. He should hold his ratings, but will need to move to another position as early as this year.

Brendan Truby - CF - Philadelphia, 4 years, $27.6 million.

Analysis - Not bad for a 5-time All-Star and someone that fills a need. He might need to switch to 2B next season, but he still will have a plus bat for his position for 3 seasons.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome New Owners!

Welcome to 1530. Here are the new owners/new cities.

New Faces

redlegs96 takes over for bnags
porter7292 takes over for neilg
bencap takes over for mtorabdaddy
mtorabdaddy takes over for tzentmeyer
nacapodagli takes over for pjutte
jtracy513 takes over for elwood 1278

New Places

Chicago Panthers now the Rochester Red Wings
Norfolk Nala DFogs now the Chicago Black Sox
El Paso Vaqueros now the San Juan Rum Runners
Montgomery Burns now the Mexico City Luchadors
Arizona Aarvarks now the Helena Hustle
San Diego Firemen now the San Francisco Shoreman