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Monday, May 23, 2011

What blog feature would you like to see next?

Here are some topics that we have done in the past as well as some new ideas -

1. Trade Reviews

This was probably the most time consuming blog post, primarilly due to the volume. I could bring it back, but limit it to major deals.

2. Amateur Draft Review

This was also very time consuming, but I did enjoy putting it together. Last season, I reviewed the Season 9 draft. I could do the Seaon 10 draft this season.

3. Player Rankings

Maddie's Team Management spits out these lists every season.

4. Owner Hall of Fame

We have a player Hall of Fame, how about an owner Hall of Fame? Nominations and voting done through the blog - one owner per year elected.

Please trade chat me with other ideas.

Week 5 Rankings

1. Boston Tea Partiers (70-27) Prev #1 - Boston was 11-7 on the week, including a 4-game sweep of Baltimore. They are 1st in Batting, 9th in Pitching, and 7th in Fielding. Run differential +214

2. Los Angeles Hollywoods (63-34) Prev #4 - LA jumps 2 spots on the strength of an 11-6 week that included a 4 game sweep of Helena. They are 7th in Batting, 3rd in Pitching, and above average in Fielding. Run differential +140

3. Philadelphia Bacharach Giants (64-33) Prev #2 - Philly drops a spot after an 11-7 week that saw them take 3 of 4 from Durham. They are 2nd in Batting, 7th in Pitching, and 5th in Fielding. Run differential +146

4. Montreal Garde Imperiale (60-37) Prev #3 - Montreal drops one spot after an 11-7 campaign that included a 4 game sweep of Salt Lake City. They are 5th in Batting, 4th in Pitching, and 1st in Fielding. Run differential +134

5. Jacksonville Timucuan's (61-36) Prev #8 - Jacksonville is the big mover for the week after a 12-6 week. They took 3 of 4 from Oklahoma City. They are 9th in Pitching, 5th in Batting, and 3rd in Fielding. Run differential +98

6. Honolulu Tropics (56-41) Prev #9 - Honolulu had the best record for the week at 13-5 including sweeps of Buffalo and Cleveland. They are 13th in Batting, 2nd in Pitching, and 12th in Fielding. Run differential +128

7. Memphis Blue's (60-37) Prev #6 - An 8-10 week sees the Blue's drop one spot. They are well below average in Batting, 1st in Pitching, and 2nd in Fileding. Run differential +79

8. Chicago Black Sox (55-42) Prev #7 - The Sox continue their slide with an 8-10 week that saw them win only one series. They are 3rd in Batting, 12th in Pitching, and below average in Fielding. Run differential +99

9. Durham Tar Heels (49-30) Prev #5 - A 8-10 week has all but eliminated any chance for the Tar Heels to take their division. They lost 3 of 4 to Philly and are in a do or die series with longtime rival Boston. They are 4th in Batting, average in Pitching, and 5th in Fielding. Run differential +87

10. New Orleans Causeway Cajuns (52-45) - Prev #10 - The Cajuns barely hang on to their spot with an average week. They are below average in Batting, 8th in Pitching, and 4th in Fielding. Run differential +11

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