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Friday, June 10, 2011

Playoff Picture - NL

1. Memphis Blue's (100%)

The Blue's have clinched and are now just fighting for the #1 seed, which they are leading by one over LA. Remaining games - Kansas City (4), Los Angeles (4), Montgomery (3), Louisville (3)

2. Los Angeles Hollywoods (99%)

LA is one up in the west, but 11 up for the WC2 spot. It's hard to envision a scenario whereby the Hollywoods miss out on a spot. A crucial 4 game set with Memphis with the #1 seed on the line. Remaining games - Detroit (4), Memphis (4), Helena (3), San Francisco (3)

3. Honolulu Tropics (95%)

Honolulu is one back of LA for the NL West title and only two back of Memhis for the #1 seed. They lead Hartford for the WC2 spot by 10 games. Remaining games - Hartford (4), Chicago (4), San Francisco (3), Helena (3)

4. Chicago Black Sox (85%)

Chicago is up 7 for the lead in the East, and would currently hold the WC2 spot if not in the division lead. Since they have two paths to the playoffs, they are placed above Cleveland. Remaining games - Louisville (4), Honolulu (4), Buffalo (3), Hartford (3)

5. Cleveland Wahoos (80%)

Cleveland is leading the NL East by 7 games over Pittsburgh. Their only real path to teh playoffs involves a division championship as they are 6 games out of the WC2 spot. Remaining games - Helena (4), Buffalo (4), Pittsburgh (3), Detroit (3)

6. Helena Hustle (75%)

Up 5 for the WC2 spot, down 5 for the WC1 spot, down 6 for the AL West title, and down 7 for the overall #1 seed, Helena's odds would be much better if they had an easier remaining schedule. Remaining schedule - Cleveland (4) Detroit (4) Los Angeles (3) Honolulu (3)

7. Hartford Whalers (30%)

Hartford is down 5 for the WC2 spot and down 7 in the AL East. They too have a brutal road to navgate, but have the best chance of the remaining teams. Remaining schedule - Honolulu (4), Montgomery (4), Dover (3), Chicago (3)

8. Dover Red Stockings (10%)

Although SHOTGUN has said that he has thrown in the towel, he still has a chance. Dover is 7 games back of the WC2 spot. Remaining games - San Francisco (4), Houston (4), Hartford (3), Buffalo (3)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Playoff Picture - AL

AL (in order from most likely to make it to least likely)

1. Boston Tea Partiers (100%)

Boston, for the most part, has clinched the division and #1 overall seed. It would take a complete collapse in order for these two things not to happen. Remaining games - Philly (2), Scottsdale (4), New Orleans (4), Baltimore (3), Durham (3)

2. Jacksonville TIMUCUAN'S (95%)

Jacksonville is 8 games ahead of New Orleans and is in a close race with Montreal for the #2 seed. They are certain to make the playoffs but will need a strong finish in order to get the bye. Remaining games - New Orleans (2), New Britain (4), St. Louis (4), Oklahoma City (3), San Antonio (3)

3. Philadelphia Bacharach Giants (90%)

Philly is up 7 for the #2 Wild Card and up 2 for the #1 WC. They are also 8 back in the AL East. If they play .500 ball, they should be in. Remaining games - Boston (2), San Antonio (4), Santa Cruz (4), Durham (3), Baltimore (3)

4. Montreal Garde Imperiale (80%)

Montreal is 5 up in the AL North, and tied for the #2 Wild Card. Additionally, they lead Jacksonville by 1 game for the #2 seed. Remaining games - New Britain (2), Salem (4), Durham (4), Salt Lake City (3), Cincinnati (3)

5. Durham Tar Heels (70%)

Durham is 5 up on Cincy for the WC2, and two back of Philly for WC1. They have a very difficult remaining schedule. Remaining games - Baltimore (2), New Orleans (4), Montreal (4), Philly (3), Boston (3)

6. Cincinnati (50%)

An amazing run has brought Cincy to within 5 games of WC2, and within 5 games of AL North leader Montreal. Remaining schedule - Salt Lake City (2), St. Louis (4), Salem (4), New Britain (3), Montreal (3)

7. Scottsdale Sidewinders (36%)

Scottsdale is up 2 games in the anemic AL West. Their reward for winning the division? A likely first round match-up with arguably the second best AL team in Philly. Anything can happen, however, in a 5 game series. Remaining schedule - Salem (2), Boston (4), Salt Lake City (4), Santa Cruz (3), St. Louis (3)

8. St. Louis (33%)

Only down 2 in the AL West, St. Louis can reel in Scottsdale in the last series of the season. Although, a tough schedule remains. Remaining games - Santa Cruz (2), Cincinnati (4), Jacksonville (4), Salem (3), Scottsdale (3)

9. Santa Cruz (31%)

Only down 3 in the AL West, Santa Cruz also can control its own destiny as it has 4 left with division leading Scottsdale. Remaining games - St. louis (2), Baltimore (4), Philadelphia (4), Scottsdale (3), Salem (3)

10. New Orleans (5%)

Needs a miracle, but still alive in the AL South and WC2 picture. Remaining games - Jacksonville (2), Durham (4), Boston (4), San Antonio (3), Oklahoma City (3)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 7 Rankings

1. Boston Tea Partiers (92-45) Prev #1 - A 9-10 week brings Boston back to the field, but they are still the best team. They have rebounded from a 6 game losing streak that saw them get swept by Jacksonville. They are 1st in Batting, 11th in Pitching, and 7th in Fielding. Run differential +250

2. Los Angeles Hollywoods (87-50) Prev #2 - A 10-9 week sees LA barely hanging on to the #2 spot. They swept Dover and have lost two straight to Houston. They are 7th in Batting, 3rd in Pitching, and average in the field. Run differential +193

3. Philadelphia Bacharach Giants (87-50) Prev #3 - A very good 13-6 week has the BeeGees gaining ground in the AL East and the Top 10. They swept San Antonio and took 3 of 4 from Salem. They are 2nd in Batting, 6th in Pitching, and 12th in Fielding. Run differential +187

4. Montreal Garde Imperiale (83-54) Prev #6 - A very good week for our favorite Canadians at 14-5. They swept Baltimore and Santa Cruz but did lose 2 of 3 to Boston. They are 5th in Batting, 4th in Pitching, and 1st in Fielding (the only team in the Top 5in all categories). Run differential +199

5. Durham Tar Heels (83-54) Prev #5 - A mixed bag for the Tar Heels at 11-8. They swept San Antonio and New Orleans but have lost two straight to Salem. They are 3rd in Batting, average in Pitching, and 2nd in Fielding. Run differential +170

6. Honolulu Tropics (81-56) Prev #4 - An 11-8 week for the Tropics that included a sweep of Cleveland and a sweep at the hands of Louisville. They are average in Batting, 1st in Pitching, and 8th in Fielding. Run differential +152

7. Memphis Blue's (84-53) Prev #7 - 12-7 for the week, including a sweep of Dover. They are currently in a very important 4 game set with #8 Chicago. They are below average in Runs Scored, 2nd in Runs Allowed, and 4th in Fielding Percentage. Run differential +99

8. Chicago Black Sox (79-58) Prev #8 - A 13-6 week which almost catapults them ahead of Memphis. They swept Detroit but lost 2 of 3 to Louisville. They are 4th in Batting and above average in both Pitching and Fielding. Run differential +140

9. Jacksonville Timucuan's (81-56) Prev #9 - A 12-6 week rights the ship for the trade-happy Timucuans. They took 2 of 3 from Durham and swept Boston, which should be a good sign for the playoffs. They are below average in Batting, 5th in Pitching, and 3rd in Fielding. Run differential +86

10. Cleveland Wahoos (73-64) Prev NR - An 11-8 week brings the Season 20 debut for the Wahoos. They swept Dover but were swept by Honolulu. They are average in all categories. Run differential +43

Dropped - New Orleans Causeway Cajuns