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Friday, July 22, 2011

Rules, cont.

Currently, here is how it is shaping up. Please keep this discussion off of the world chat. If you have a comment, TC me and I will post it here

We will put the requirment to a vote via TC, and it will be the following -

- minimun win requirement over a 2 year period
- effective next season (Season 22)

Details to be ironed out (please vote to the right)

- grace period for newbies - 1 year or two years?
- minimum wins over 2 year period (130,120,110,or 100)?
- violators put to vote or automatic removal?


from rbjb - "put to vote, min 120 wins and 1 yr grace period. although I would have like to see at least 1 60 win season every 2 yrs. instead of over 120 wins in 2 yrs."

Thursday, July 21, 2011

1530 World Rules

Everyone's favorite topic - rules! The goal here is to make the game more enjoyable for all participants. I am in 3 other worlds, and they all have private rules. All they really do is set expectations for owners. Once you know the expectations, there is no controversy whatsoever, which I think that we can all agree is a good thing.

1530 is unique beacase Lance has always tried to find owners that are local and new to the game. Since this is such a complicated game at first, it is important to give newbies some slack. With that in mind, here are some options:

Minimum Win Requirement

The idea here is that if you win more than the minimum then you have the right to run your team however you best see fit. You can spend 10 million on players and 40 million on prospects if you win games (read: field a competitive squad). Here are some of the rules taht I have seen:

- Over the course of two seasons a team must maintain at least a .350 win percentage or they will be removed from the league.

- There is a two season win minimum of 120 games

- All owners that are present for two consecutive full seasons must win at least 120 games at the Major League level, and all owners that are present for a full season must win at least 50 games at the Major League level.

- Another idea is a grace period for newbies. They have one year before the rules apply to them.

Potential Other Rules

I only have one league where there is more than a minimum win rule. But here are some options

- Minimum roster sizes (must have more than 25 on each minor league squad)
- Maximum prospect budget (can't spend more than 30 million on prospects in any given year)
- Minimum payroll (must spend at least 30 million on players in any given year)

There are others, but these are the ones that I have seen. So now, please vote to your right and let's be done with this. Once I have a mandate from the vote on the blog, I will put it to a vote on Trade Chat. A rule must be approved by the majority of all owners (17 or more) and not > 50% of those that vote.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All-decade Season 11-20 - Second Base

So far -

C - Clinton Clifton (19 of 19 votes)

1B - Ken Daly (19 of 23 votes)

On to 2B, the candidates are, in no particular order -

Orlando Maduro

Awards - 5x all star, 2x gold glove, 1 silver slugger
Stats - 240 HRs, 948 RBI's, .286 BA,.852 OPS, .987 F% with 51 plus plays

Kelly Hinch

Awards - 3x all star, 4x gold glove
Stats - 136 HRs, 461 RBI's, .276 BA, .804 OPS, .981 F% with 111 plus plays

Allen Nichols

Awards - 2x all star, 2x silver slugger
Stats - 289 HR's, 982 RBI's, .277 BA, .863 OPS, .973 F% with 7 plus plays

Javy Tejada

Awards - 3x all star, 1 silver slugger
Stats - 269 HR's, 894 RBI's, .281 BA, .847 OPS, .975 F% with 3 plus plays

Milton Simmons

Awards - 8x all star, 3x MVP, 3X Silver Slugger
Stats - 356 HR's, 1210 RBI's, .308 BA, .969 OPS, .980 F% with 19 plus plays

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hall of Fame Results

Rogers Torrealba 17
Donne Vina 10
Karl Greenberg 8
George Bowie 8
Sidney Allen 8
Stephen Schourek 7
Randy Valentin 7
Osvaldo Roque 4
Jorge Ortiz 4
Sparky McNamara 4
Juan Beltre 4
Chris Graham 3
Ignacio Cruz 3
Gary Thornton 3
Hal Weiss 3
Jimmie Aquino 3
Fred Sparks 2
Thom Martin 2
Hamlet Wheeler 2
Alex Johnson 2
Jimmy Price 1
Scott Stevenson 1
Del Hamelin 1
Dan Carr 1
Fernando Toca 1
Glenallen Roosevelt 1
Tim Mench 1
Gerald Gload 1

Monday, July 18, 2011

The All-Available Free Agent Team

(By position listed, not where they are likely to play)

1B - Ozzie Mori
2B - Allen Nichols
3B - Warren Simon
SS - Stew Stearns
LF - Rafael Oliva
CF - Richard Curtis
RF - Art Tracy
DH - Jody Tanner

Bench Power - Juan Alvarez
Bench Speed - Cy Hatteberg
Bench Glove - Luther Cox

SP1 - Vic Mangual
SP2 - Livan Pineiro
SP3 - Skip Sellers
SP4 - B.J. Murphy
SP5 - Ramon Pong
LRA - Daisuke Choi
LRB - Felipe Valdivia
SuA - Bobby Rupe
SuB - Mike Robinson
CL - Jimmie Vogelsong

All Decade Seasons 11-20 - First Base

So far,

C - Clinton Clifton (19 of 19 votes)

The candidates, in no particular order.

Ken Daly

Awards - 10x All-Star, 10x Silver Slugger, 4x MVP,
Stats - .320 BA, 1.049 OPS, 569 HR's, 1431 RBI's, .997 f%

Henry Wise

Awards - 6x All-star, 6x Silver Slugger, 1 Gold Glove, 1 ROY, 2 WS Rings
Stats - .320 BA, 1.059 OPS, 366 HR's, 1075 RBI's, .999 f%

Brant Balfour

Awards - 3x All-star, 2 WS Rings
Stats - .300 BA, .949 OPS, 252 HR's, 770 RBI's, .998 F%

Brendan Watson

Awards - 2x All-star
Stats - .290 BA, .929 OPS, 454 HR's, 1329 RBI's, .998 F%

Eddie Reese

Awards - 4x All-Star, 1 MVP, 1 Gold Glove
Stats - .294 BA, .962 OPS, 353 HR's, 965 RBI's, .998 F%