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Thursday, January 12, 2012

AL East Preview

The second in a series

Season 22 Standings
1. Durham 101-61
2. Philly 98-64
3. Boston 80-82
4. Baltimore 78-84

Season 22 Recap
Durham took the league title for the third time in four seasons. Philly finished second and made the playoffs for the third consecutive season. Boston hqs its worst season since Season 3, Baltimore finished 4th for the 4th straight season.

Team Previews

Run by yours truly, the Tar Heels are in complete re-building mode. A 2nd place finish will be an accomplishment

Additions - Matty Jennings,Jeromy West, T.J. Torres, Vic Martin, Brian Donahue
Subtractions - Philip Colin, Dallas Singleton, Kenny Evans, Junior Ozuna, Boots Munson, Tyson Lollar, Alex Encarnacion, Aaron Simon, Benji James
Net effect - Negative. The current team is made up by a bunch of FA leftovers
Prediction - A battle with rival Boston for 3rd place. Still has some good players and FA's are solid.

kyle did some fine tuning in the off-season, nothing too drastic. This is clearly the best team in the division
Additions - Midre Robinson, Angel Siqueiros, Carlos Pena, Lonny Feliz
Subtractions - Willie Wheat, Lonny Feliz,Adam Tucker,Jeff Ruebel
Net effect - neutral
Prediction - Anything less than a first place finish would be surprising. They should win the division by at least 10 games.

The PARTIERS continue to re-build, abut they will take their lumps for one more season before they re-emerge better than ever.
Additions - Julian Guerrero
Subtractions - Billy Barry, Marc Fielder, Yusmeiro Durazo, Wendell Reed, R.J. Escobar
Net effect - Negative. You can't replace Reed and Durazo with FA fodder
Prediction - This is not a very good team, but it doesn't need to be. cincy has a plan, and is executing it like Walt Jocketty

With two heavyweights out of the way, only Philly stands in the way of a division title.
Additions - Kenny Evans, Jose Ramirez,J.C. Drew
Subtractions - Angel Marquez, Ralph Jennings, Rafael Soriano, Top Gear's Richard Hammond
Net effect - Negative. It's nice to get Soriano's contract off of the books, but more talent went out than came in.
Prediction - There is no reason why this team can't compete for the top half of the division. Pitching is suspect.

MVP Watch - Don Chen
Cy Young Watch - Timothy Crawford
ROY Watch - none

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