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Friday, January 13, 2012

AL West Preview

final AL preview, NL will be on Monday and Tuesday

Season 22 Standings
St. Louis 90-72
Salem 88-74
Fresno 74-88
Vancouver 58-104

Season 22 Recap
St. Louis returned to the top for the first time in four seasons. Salem had its best record and highest finish since taking over in Season 16. Fresno dropped to third after back-to-back division championships. Vancouver took it on the chin with its worst record in franchise history

Team Previews

St. Louis
2000man looks to stay at the top and fend off big spendin' Fresno
Additions - Lou Jenkins, R.J. Escobar, Tuck Winn
Subtractions - Randall Scott, Darren Parkinson
Net effect - Neutral
Prediction - 2nd place. They upgraded their offense with the addition of Escobar, but I'm not sure that the pitching is in place to compete with Fresno.

A big FA SP signing should bolster their chance, but will it be enough?
Additions - Dallas Singleton
Subtractions - Ivan Pena
Net effect - positive
Prediction - A better record than last season, but a worse finish in 3rd place. A big payroll with players that give them an outside chance returning to the playoffs

The highest payroll in 1530 is not going to settle for 2nd place
Additions - Jose Segui, Chan Ho Sugawara, Al Vazquez, Kelly Hinch
Subtractions - Douglas Cust, Juan Vincente, Willie Bennett
Net effect - pitching swapped for hitting, but positive
Prediction - Anything less than a first place finish would be a disappointment. joepatrick did not spend north of 100 million to miss the palyoffs, and he should be able to hold of St. Louis and Salem.

Not much going on in the pacific northwest. A team building for the future.
Additions - Jim Valentine
Subtractions - Javy Tejada, Pedro Espinosa
Net effect - trading spare parts for spare parts
Predicition - Anything better than 4th place would be shocking. frank has a plan, and it does not involve competing in Season 23.

MVP Watch - Trenidad Trajano, R.J. Escobar
Cy Young Watch - Ivy Latham, Hick Manning
ROY Watch - Rod Norton

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