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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Free Agency - Day 1

Day 1 signings are either 1) great deals because no one else is bidding, 2) terrible deals because a team has bid so much more than the others bidding. So which are the following?

1. Chad Clarke, Oklahoma City, 3 years $20.4 million
Summary - Clarke did not appear on the Top SP list, but he compares favoritively to some on the list. He's not a SP1 type, but he will eat innings and has elite stamina, control, and make-up. I think that there are some disappointed teams out there that would have jumped at the chance to sign Clarke to this deal. A good signing.

2. Randy Broome, Detroit, 5 years $34 million
Summary - This one falls into the "wow" category for me, as in "no one else was bidding on this guy?". Broome was #7 on the list and signed for half of what I expected him to sign for. My guess is that mtorab could get a nice prospect if he decided to trade him at any point in this contract, which makes this an excellent deal.

3. Harry Rijo, Oklahoma City, 4 years $23.2 million
Summary - Rijo did not appear on the Top RP list, but is nevertheless a very good, young, durable RP. He has a career ERA of 3.74 and has saved 94 of 123 games. A good signing.

4. Tomas Mesa, Detroit, 4 years $27.2 million
Summary - Mesa was #5 on the RP list and was actually one of my favorite RP's on the market. I'm a big believer in having a stud in the Setup A spot (see Ozuna, Junior), and they don't get much better than Mesa. He will pitch 100 innings and have an ERA under 4, a nice signing.

5. Jose Rodriguez, Fresno, 2 years $10.8 million
Summary - The #1 RP on the board re-signs with the Fire for a modest raise. JoseRod seems to either have an all-star season or go bust, but you can't deny that he has the tools to dominate. A very good signing.

6. Kelly Hinch, Fresno, 4 years $34.4 million
Summary - Fresno throws its hat into the ring for Day 1 winner with this signing. Hinch is a plus 2B and CF defender with a career OPS over .800. He's young and posesses very good make-up, so performing at a high level for the duration of teh contract should not be a problem. Good value.

7. Willie Wheat, Pittsburgh, 1 year $5.6 million
Summary - Wheat appeared at #5 on the preview and, for a one year deal, this is a very good signing. He is still performing at a very high level. Good deal for Pittsburgh.

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