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Friday, January 6, 2012

Free Agency Day 2

Day 2 is always an odd day in FA. It will have none of the highly contested FA's, but will usually have both some overpays and some steals.

1. Douglas Cust, New York, 3 years $18 million
Analysis - The #9 SP on the market, Cust signed for a very reasonable amount. He does have durability concerns, but this is about right for an SP of his quality.

2. Kenny Evans, Baltimore, 2 years $11.8 million
Analysis - Evans was the 3rd best RF on the market, but the two ahead of him on the st are the #1 and #2 overall position players available. He's a quality player with a career .893 OPS. A move to LF or 1B might be in the cards, but he is a solid #2 or #3 hitter and will perform for the duration of his contract.

3. Junior Ozuna, Kansas City, 2 years $12 million and a no trade
Analaysis - Ozuna is a workhorse. In 4 years in Durham, we went 31-9 with an ERA of 2.92, amazing stats for a Setup guy in a hitters park. A good signing.

4. J.R. Beckett, Kansas City, 3 years $42.6 million
Analysis - The future HOF'r has some gas left in the tank. He is an SP1 type, but his stamina will continue to decline. A steep price to pay, but starting pitching is becoming scarce.

5. Henry Green, Oklahoma City, 2 years $9.6 million
Analysis - Green has been up and down, but he has made 3 all-star appearances in the last 5 seasons. OKC is building a nice team, and Green should be a good contributor.

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