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Monday, January 9, 2012

Free Agency Day 3

Happy big money day!

1. Benji Neill , New Orleans, 5 years $86 million with a mutual option
Analysis - Neill is one of the best hitters in the game with a career average of .321 and OPS of .973. He also has a career OBP of .450, which is a staggering number and 2nd all-time in 1530. His contact, eye, vs. left, and make-up are elite, and he can still play an average 2B. A special player with an appropriate contract.

2. Dallas Singleton, Salem, 5 years $36 million with a player option
Analysis - Dallas is one of the more under-rated SPs in the game. His career OPS allowed is .686, and his ERA in homer-happy Durham was under 4.00 for his 3+ years there. He'll start for 2 years, then maybe close for another 2, with his last year most likely being unproductive. Still, a good deal for a "win now" team.

3. Philip Colin, Helena, 3 years $42 million
Analysis - A big contract for a future HOF'r. Colin has gas left in the tank, and will likely produce for the duration of his contract. He has a good chance of winning his 300th game in Helena blue, and maybe winning another WS ring in the process.

4. Bernie Pena, Montreal, 5 years $56 million with mutual option and a no trade clause
Analysis - The #1 SP on the board, Pena moves to division rival Montreal in what appears to be a changing of the guard in the North. While lacking elite stamina, Pena is young enough to hold off the decline that would cause a move to the bullpen by the time the contact reaches its option year. A dominant pitcher that will win plenty of games, as long as he is backed by a good bullpen. I like this deal.

5. Luis Morales, Kansas City, 2 years $7 million
Alanysis - A typical signing this late in FA. His Type A status kept him available for a team punting on the draft to swoop in and steal him. He can be kept or traded and, either way, will bring value much greater than his contract. A good deal.

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