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Monday, January 16, 2012

NL East Preview

6 out of 8

Season 22 Standings

1. Chicago 96-66
2. New York 93-69
3. Dover 80-82
4. Buffalo 51-111

Season 22 Recap
Chicago won its 4th consecutive division title. New York had its best season since Season 17. Dover finished 3rd for the 5th time in six seasons. Buffalo tied its franchise record for most losses in a year.

Team Previews

Owner redlegs remained rather inactive, choosing to go with (largely) the same team that won the division last year. Cleary, anything less than a 1st place finish would be disappointing.
Additions - Charley Davidson, Ezdra Mateo
Subtractions - David Picasso
Net effect - Neutral
Prediction - A well built team that should make the playoffs, regardless of its finish in the division.

New York
chuthus followed Chicago's lead and stayed rather quiet in the offseason, although some nice FA's were signed. An aging team that is built to compete right now.
Additions - Junior Torcato, Douglas Cust,
Subtractions - Ramon Chen, Ahmad Bell
Net effect - Positive, but not by much
Prediction - A Top 2 finish would be nice, but I'm not sure that they can hold off hard-charging Dover.

SHOTGUN enters another season with his sites set on the playoffs. Will he be able to put a disappointing Season 22 behind him?
Additions - Brendan Watson, Junior Montero, Guillermo Balboa
Subtractions - Henry Green, Bingo O'Donnell
Net effect - Positive
Prediction - This is a talented team a pitcher or two away from a playoff appearance. I think that a Top 2 finish is in the cards, with a playoff appearance to go along with it.

meece is rebuilding, and would have to make a dramatic improvement from Season 22 to finish anywhere but 4th.
Additions - Frank Zhang, Alex Alomar, Heinie Rhodes (all promoted), Curt Hendrick
Subtractions - Cory Clark, Orval Cohen
Net effect - Positive
Prediction - Zhang for Clark is a wash, and there is enough talent here to improve by 20 games, but a 4th place finish is highly likely.

MVP Watch - Gregg Fuller, Harry Silva, Yank Sodowsky, Yorman Molina
Cy Young Watch - Cesar Reyes, Wascar Franco, Frank Zhang
ROY Watch - Frank Zhang, Marino Pujols, Alex Alomar

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