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Monday, January 16, 2012

NL North Preview

The 5th of 8 previews

Season 22 Standings
1. Kansas City 79-83
2. Cleveland 75-87
3. Detroit 75-87
4. Pittsburgh 66-96

Season 22 Recap
KC had its best record (and only playoff appearance) in eleven seasons. Cleveland had its worst record in nine seasons, Detroit had its best record in three seasons, and Pittsburgh finished last for the second consecutive season.

Team Previews

Kansas City
One of the most active owners this off-season, mwelker is going for broke and has the look of a division champ.
Additions - Mark Wanatabe,Francis Herzog, Sergio Dupler,Felipe Encarnacion, Luis Morales,Andrew Carmona, J.R. Beckett, Junior Ozuna plus expected call-ups Dioner Soriano, Hee Wan, Midre Valentin, and Yamid Bravo
Subtractions - Bey Wallace, Mateo Martinez, Pedro Maduro, Bernard Jacquez, Kevin Yamaguchi, Jose Segui
Net effect - Potitive, although mwelker did give up some quality big league players.
Prediction - There's too much talent here not to finish first. AAA players will contribute big this season, and the dynasty appears to be taking shape.

Looks like another rebuilding year for davidlove, and a bottom half finish appears likely.
Additions - Alex James, Geoff Hall
Subtractions - Andres Ramirez
Net effect - Neutral
Prediction - A third place finish would be an accomplishment. davidlove is clearly in a transition mode and has a plan to compete in a couple of seasons.

mtorab was once again very active in the offseason and looks primed for a playoff spot.
Additions - Yusmeiro Durazo, Jonathan Lankford, Bert Throneberry, Randy Broome, Tomas Mesa
Subtractions - Walt Henry
Net effect - Positive, positive, positive!
Prediction - 1st or 2nd and anything less than a playoff appearance would be a disappointment.

bboyd is on the upswing, but it might be another season before he can break into the Top 2.
Additions - Willie Wheat
Subtractions - T.J. Torres, Sergio Dupler
Net effect - neutral
Prediction - Third, with an outside chance at second if AAA horses are promoted.

MVP Watch - Yusmeiro Durazo
Cy Young Watch - Alexi Terrero, Randy Broome,Albert Mondesi
ROY Watch - Anthony Mulder, Guy Jones, Eugene Holmes, Dioner Soriano, Hee Wan, Midre Valentin, Timothy Bryant, Wally Lo Duca

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