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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

NL South Preview

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Season 22 Standings

1. Memphis 95-67
2. Louisville 86-87
3. Houston 83-79
4. Montgomery 77-85

Season 22 Recap
Memphis won more than 90 games for the third consecutive season. Louisville has improved its win total for four consecutive seasons. Houston looks to regain its form after its only season in 22 out of the top two. Montgomery has missed the playoffs for four consecutive seasons (after making the playoffs for four consecutive seasons).

Team Previews

bencap is looking for another title and has laregly stood pat in the offseason
Additions - Randall Scott, Midre Cervantes (promoted)
Subtractions - Midre Robinson
Net effect - Positive
Prediction -Anything less than a Top 2 finish would be a disappointment, although a third place finish in a very difficult division would not be shocking.

batgecko is always working to improve his team, but has he done enough to continue to improve his win total?
Additions - Wesley Graves, Bill Reed, Felipe Sivilla, Rafael Soriano, Top Gear's very own Richard Hammond
Subtractions - Jose Ramirez, J.C. Drew, Lou Jenkins
Net effect - Slightly positive
Prediction - Playoffs. I'm not sure if they can win the division, but they can and should make the playoffs.

pmuehlenkamp had a very disappointing Season 22, and his offseason moves (and AAA talent) show a desire to not let it happen again
Additions - Felipe Mantalban, Jonathan Gload, Adam Tucker
Subtractions - John Baek, Carlos Pena, Eric Shields, Junior Lopez
Net effect - Neutral/Positive
Prediction - There's too much talent here to not have a shot at the playoffs, but someone has to finish third. Will it be Houston? No, they will win the division.

With all the talent here this season, neilg appears content to take his lumps and fight another day
Additions - Steve Bigley, Walt Henry
Subtractions - Junior Montero, Al Vazquez, Wesley Graves
Net effect - Negative
Prediction - Anything other than a last place finish would be a surprise, but primarily due to the strenght of the division and not the weakness of the team

MVP Watch - Jonathan Gload, Ken Daly
Cy Young Watch - Geraldo Mendez, Willis Floyd, Dave Darr, Manny Ramsey, Jeff Woods
ROY Watch - Midre Cervantes, Gary Woodward, Doug Dietz

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