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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NL West Preview

8 out of 8

Season 22 Standings
1. Helena 95-67
2. Los Angeles 84-78
3. Honolulu 79-83
4. San Francisco 77-85

Season 22 Recap
Helena won the division for the second consecutive time. LA missed the playoffs for the first time in 9 seasons and had its worst record since Season 12. Honolulu finished outside of the Top 2 for the first time since season 10. San Fran had its best record since season 13, although it was their 10th consecutive last place finish.

Team Previews

Owner ncapodagli was very active in the offseason and clearly plans on remaining at the top of a very competetive division.
Additions - Jolbert Armas, Mateo Martinez, Bey Wallace, Ralph Jennings, Philip Colin
Subtractions - Ezdra Mateo, Brendan Watson, Francis Herzog
Net effect - Positive
Prediction - It's difficult to see this team not making the playoffs, although they do have some strong competition for the division title. Only a year removed from a WS title, they appear to be an improved team, with two impact players awaiting a promotion in AAA.

Los Angeles
tytabs stayed out of the FA frenzy and appears to be confident that last season was an aberration.
Additions - Jeff Ruebel
Subtractions - Luis Morales, Tomas Mesa
Net effect - Negative
Prediction - I'm not sure that they have enough firepower to catch Helena. A very good team that should be competeing for a spot in the playoffs.

owner rdierkers was very active in the offseason, but has he done enough to finish in the top 2?
Additions - Bingo O'Donnell,Shea Unroe,Wilfredo Veras, Terry Buford
Subtractions - Connie Stark, Randy Broome, George Weaver
Net effect - Negative
Prediction - A third place finish would be nothing to be ashamed of in a very tough division, although a 4th place finish would be just as likely.

San Francisco
jtracy was very active in the trade market and appears to have made up some ground in the West
Additions - Willie Bennett, Juan Vincente, Julio Rodriguez, Jiggs Hodges,Benji James
Subtractions - Royce Aven, Chan Ho Sugawara
Net effect - Positive
Prediction - jtracy has done some good work here and should be much improved. I think that he will pass Honolulu but not be able to catch Helena. The question is whether or not they have done enough to catch LA? My guess is yes.

MVP Watch - Louie Delgado, Peter O'Connor, Orlando Maduro,
Cy Young Watch - Juan Vincente, Philip Colin, Victor Merrick, Louis Melville
ROY Watch - Zachrey Betancourt, Jackie Franklin

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