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Thursday, March 15, 2012

AL Preview vs. Actual

from the previews, my predictions (* indicates playoff team) (blog votes in parenthesis)
At the begining of the season I (and you) made some predictions. Here were the guesses, with your votes in parenthesis and an "*" indicating a playoff team.

1. Montreal* (9)
2. Cincinnati* (2)
3. New Britain (1)
4. Salt Lake City

I got Montreal and New Britain in the right spot but missed on SLC and Cincy. I also, obviously, missed on Cincy making the playoffs

1. Philadelphia* (10)
2. Baltimore
3. Durham
4. Boston(1)

I got Philly and Boston right, but missed on Durham and Baltimore

1. Oklahoma City* (2)
2. Jacksonville* (4)
3. New Orleans
4. San Antonio (1)

Nailed it! In order and got both playoff teams correct.

1. Fresno* (2)
2. Salem (2)
3. St. Louis
4. Vancouver (2)

Not so hot here. Salem finished tops, with St. Louis finishing second and also making the playoffs. To be fair, I did get Vancouver.

In all, 9 out of 16 were in the place that the blog had guessed. I also got 4 out of 6 playoff teams.

MVP - Don Chen
Cy Young - Hick Manning
ROY - Joaquin Dominguez

Not a simgle one of these guys made the voting list so a big swing and a miss here.

AL Champ - Montreal

Remains to be seeN

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