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Friday, March 23, 2012

World Series Preview

AL #1 Salem Aggies (103-59) vs. NL #2 Helena Hustle (95-57)

Power Rankings - Salem #1, Helena #9

Road to the World Series - Salem defeated Philly in 5 games in the DCS, and Montreal in 5 games in the LCS. Helena took down Houston in 4 in the DCS and Chicago in 5 in the LCS

Season Recap -

Salem - The best team in the AL finished at the top of its division for the first time since Season 9. This team is the best one in franchise history - setting a record for wins and appearing in its first World Series. Their 4th rated offense is led by the smooth stylings of all-stars Keith Roosevelt and Zach Page. Their 9th rated pitching staff is led by Cy Young candidate Hideki Yang.

Helena - The Hustle won its third consecutive division title (and 15th overall) while capturing the 2nd seed. Their 10th rated offense is led by MVP candidate Peter O'Connor, while their 7th rated staff is led by teh surprising Tommy Hardy.

Prediction - Salem is a team of destiny. Once derided for their 132 loss season in Season 18, dubabe has improved dramatically in the last few seasons. Helena is in the middle of a great run that included a Season 21 title. It's odd the the #1 team is the underdog, but it's hard not to root for the Aggies. Salem in 7 with Hick Manning the difference maker.

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