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Monday, April 16, 2012

AL East Preview

Season 23 Standings

1. Philadelphia - 88-74
2. Durham - 75-87
3. Baltimore (Washington) - 61-101
4. Boston - 48-114


Additions - Yusmeiro Durazo, Magglio Trinidad, Victor Olmeda
Subtractions - Don Chen, Keith Lanning, Daniel Reitsma, Ryan Blake
Net Effect - Negative
Prediction - To add Durazo AND lose ground says alot about the guys that left. However, they are still the best team in the division and should win it for teh second time in a row.

Additions - signed Darron Speier, signed Hector Guerrero and 8 others
Subtractions - Jeromy West, Pascual Gongora, and 8 others
Net Effect - Neutral, too much turnover and not enough impact players
Prediction - A 4th place finish in a much improved AL East. They have plenty of offense, but the pitching is sure to get roughed up in the home park.

Washington DC
Additions - Tom Perez, Steve Hamilton, Keith Lanning, Adam Tucker, Bill Reed
Subtractions - Junior Ozuna, Guillermo Balboa
Net Effect - Very Positive
Prediction - 2nd place, with an outside shot at the top spot. This is a much improved team that should challenge Philly to the end.

Additions - Juan Vincente, Gustavo Melo, Alberto Martinez, Omar Flores, Daniel Reitsma
Subtractions - none
Net Effect - Very positive
Prediction - 3rd with a good shot at 2nd. A much improved team after a dreadful Season 23 campaign. A candidate for most improved team in 1530.

Cy Young - Timothy Crawford
MVP - Yusmeiro Durazo
ROY - Freddy Shelby

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