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Monday, April 16, 2012

AL North Preview

Season 23 Results

1. Montreal - 98-64
2. Salt Lake City - 79-83
3. New Britain - 73-89
4. Cincinnati - 64-98

Team Previews

Additions - signed Trenidad Henriquez
Subtractions - traded Victor Pichardo
Net Effect - neutral
Prediction - They should win the division again for the 14th time in 18 seasons. Their pitching staff is perhaps the best in the game.

Salt Lake City
Additions - signed Rob Tartabull
Subtractions - released Willis Durham,
Net Effect - Neutral
Prediction - 4th place. They just don't have the horses on offense to compete with the big boys. They do have some nice pitchers in AAA, however, and the future looks bright in SLC.

New Britain
Additions - Braeden Fonda
Subtractions - Magglio Trinidad
Net Effect - Neutral
Prediction - They have some nice pieces, especially on offense, but pitching remains a concern. A couple of impact players are sitting in AAA. An improved 2nd place finish seems likely, with the playoffs just out of reach

Additions - Roscoe Weber, Buddy Henry
Subtractions - Fritz Grabowski, Jesus Pineda, Freddy Christenson, John Baek
Net Effect - Negative
Prediction - This team is much better than its Season 23 finish. They should finish 3rd, with an outside shot 2nd and a playoff berth.

Cy Young Candidate - Sammy Iglesias
MVP Candidate - Henry Wise
ROY - Henry Murray

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