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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

AL South Preview

Season 23 Standings

1. Oklahoma City - 101-61
2. Jacksonville - 95-67
3. New Orleans (Florida) - 79-83
4. San Antonio (Monterrey) - 69-93

Team Previews

Oklahoma City
Additions -none
Subtractions - Vinny Boyd
Net Effect - neutral
Prediction - A 101 win team returns virtually unchanged. Some guys are a bit older, but their ratings have not taken a big hit. Anyhting but a repeat division championship would be a surprise.

Additions - Bartolo Santos, Don Guerrero, Ezdra Mateo
Subtractions - Derrek Peters, Mac Ashby, Buddy Houston, Adrian Gonzales
Net Effect - slighlty negative, but not by much
Prediction - This is still a very good squad with very good players. A #2 and Wild Card finish seems likely, although if OKC slips, the division will be theirs for the taking.

Additions - Orlando Calderone, Josh Hudson, Jae-Kuk Hasegawa
Subtractions - Steve Hamilton, Carl Peterman, Ug Lee
Net Effect - Neutral
Prediction - Losing Hamilto hurts, but Hasegawa and Hudson could provide the same production. Still, anythign above a 3rd place finish would be an achiement.

Additions - Don Chen, Louis Melville, Rafael Escobar (promoted)
Subtractions - Trenidad Henriquez, Jonathan Eiland
Net Effect - Very Positive
Prediction - Signing arguably the two best free agents is sure to have a positive impact. There is not much in the rotation behind Melville, but a 10-15 win increses seems likely. A good shot at a 3rd place finish.

MVP - Jesus Bautista
Cy Young - Phil Pride
ROY - Rafael Escobar

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