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Friday, April 13, 2012

Free Agency Review - Pitchers


1. Louis Melville, Monterrey, 5 years $100 million with a No Trade Clause and Team Option

Analysis - Melville was the top SP free agent. He is a 4x all star, with a career record of 145-106. His career ERA of 3.35 and WHIP of 1.26 are somewhat products of the spacious LA ballpark, but, regardless, Mellville is a bona fide #1. He has very good make-up and has shown no ratings decline, so with good management (high medical and training budgets) he should produce at a high level for the duration of the contract. If there is any place to ovespend, it is on SPs.

2. Derrek Peters, Honolulu, 3 years $24 million

Analysis - The aging southpaw has a couple of good years left. He is a good buy for this season, but it remains to be seen how his ratings will hold up. 227-146 for his career, with an ERA of 3.59 and a WHIP of 1.29.

3. Adam Tucker, Washington, 4 years $23.3 million

Analysis - The #1 Closer on the market, Tucker is an elite closer. He has saved 253 out of 294 games, with an ERA of 2.61 and a WHIP of 1.06. Elite makeup will keep his tremendous ratings throughout the duration of the contract. This contract is about right for this level of player.

4. Steve Hamilton, Washington, 3 years $25.8 million

Analysis - Hamilton is a 31 year old lefty with attractive ratings and an unattractive wife. His stats, much like his spouse, are uglier the more you look at them. A career 90-106 record and 4.66 ERA, with an OPS allowed of .763 point to a #3 type SP. A bit of an overpayment, but certainly not unusual for SP's with ratings like his. A candidate for a bounce-back season.

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