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Monday, April 16, 2012

Free Agency Review - Position Players

1. Don Chen, Monterrey, 5 years $64 million

Analysis - Chen is 4 x all-start lefty LF. He will give you 30 homers and 30 sb's a season with an OBP of .375-.425 and an OPS over .900. He is only 29, so while he will lose some speed and power over the duration of this deal, the front-loading of the contract makes it likely that he will earn every penny. A reasonable deal.

2. Keith Lanning, Washingtn, 4 years $39.8 million

Analysis - A decent defensive SS with power, Lanning has a career OPS of .842. A move to 3B is likely in the next 2 years, but until then, he is a good value.

Bargain Buys

1. Omar Flores, Boston, 2 years $7.2 million
Analysis - .775 career OPS for a CF/2B type that will give you 162 games is a good deal. 32 years old

2. Tom Perez, Washington, 2 years $5.6 million
Analysis - A 29 year old left-fielder with a career .777 OPS. Stole 90 bases last season.

3. Darron Speier, Durham, 2 years $4 million
Analysis - A 28 year old RF that will only start vs. righties. Career OPS of .801

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