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Friday, April 20, 2012

NL North Preview

Season 23 Standings

Detroit (Milwaukee) 90 - 72
Kansas City 88 - 74
Pittsburgh - 86 - 76
Cleveland 58-104


Additions - Don Iwamura, Marino Pujols, Brendan Watson, Junior MonteroRyan BlakeVic Martin
Subtractions - Gustavo MeloAlberto MartinezBenji PulidoBert ThroneberryYusmeiro Durazo
Net Effect - Negative
Prediction - The dad from the Orab was extremely active in the off-season. He traded away some very good talent and replaced them with good, but not equal, pieces. It will be hard for him to re-peat in a very competitive division.

Kansas City

Additions - Quinn PortugalJose QuentinCarl Peterman
Subtractions - Mo Nunnari
Net Effect - Positive
Prediction - Anything but a 1st place finish would be a disappointment for 1530's resident lighting rod. This team is loaded, and should be the favorite to represent the NL in the World Series.


Additions - Adrian GonzalesHenry Foster
Subtractions - Clayton MullinQuinton CoghlanWillie Wheat
Net Effect - Negative
Prediction - 3rd place. Mondesi alone gives tham a chance to take 2nd from Milwaukee, but that's a stretch.


Additions - Wally Lo Duca (promoted)
Subtractions - Ahmad Bell
Net Effect - neutral
Prediction - Another team that knows that timing is key to success. They aren't going to win this season or next, but the plan is in place and it involves some growing pains. Anything but last would be a surprise.

MVP - Midre Valentin
Cy Young - Alexi Terrero
ROY - Davey Wood

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