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Monday, April 23, 2012

NL East Preview

Season 23 Standings

1. Chicago - 96-66
2. Dover (Indianapolis) - 83-79
3. New York (Norfolk) - 73-89
4. Buffalo - 59-83

Team Previews

Additions - Benji Pulido, Willis Durham
Subtractions - Ezdra Mateo, Don Iwamura
Net Effect - neutral
Prediction - This is a team filled with stars on offense. It should have just enough pitching to win the division, but will it be enough to dethrone Helena and derail KC?

Additions - Nate Stoddard
Subtractions - Brendan Watson, Alex Mairena, George Weaver
Net Effect - negatively, but only just
Prediction - The solid core is here, and anything done in the offseason was just tinkering. A likely 2nd place finish would be nothing to be ashamed of in a division with Chicago.

Additions - Rico Soto, better weather, naval bases
Subtractions - Bob Blum, Darren Parkinson
Net Effect - slightly negative
Prediction - New owner boomhow has his work cut out for him. This is a sub-.500 team that will be lucky to finish 3rd. A re-build is in order.

Additions - Jose Cordero, Magglio Armas, Eugene Millwood (promoted),
Subtractions - Jae-Kuk Hasegawa, Carmine Ross
Net Effect - positive
Prediction - The most improved team in the division (and youngest in the NL), Buffalo's re-build is near complete. I predict 3rd, but a 2nd place finish and Wild Card berth is not out of the realm of possibility, which is saying a lot for a 59 win team.

MVP - Gregg Fuller
Cy Young - Cesar Reyes
ROY - Eugene Millwood

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