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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NL South Preview

Season 23 Standings

1. Houston 93-69
2. Memphis 91-71
3. Louisville (Tampa) 80-82
4. Montgomery 74-88


Additions - Rocky Penny
Subtractions - Adam Tucker
Net effect - Negative
Prediction - Tucker is one of the best in the business and will be very difficult to replace. Other than him, however, there was very little significant turnover. This team will win the division if Mendez and Floyd stay healthy.

Additions - John Irabu, Ian Sears (promoted)
Subtractions - Darron Speier, Hector Guerrero, Rico Soto, Tom Perez
Net effect - Negative
Prediction - With half of its starting line-up gone, Memphis faces a difficult task in repeating its Season 23 performance. If the SP's can get to the 1-2 punch of Scott and Hunter, they could stand a chance. Likely finish is 3rd, however.

Additions - David Picasso
Subtractions - Bill Reed
Net effect - Positive, Reed was injured and uproductive
Prediction - 2nd. They have plenty of offense and should be able to reel in Memphis. They will face a very difficult task of catching Houston, however.

Additions - Willie Wheat, Mac Ashby
Subtractions - Darryl Dessens, Omar Flores
Net effect - Neutral
Prediction - 4th. Montgomery appears to be in rebuilding mode and they have some nice players in AAA. If promoted, they could claw their way to 3rd, but anything above that would be a big surprise.

MVP - Jonathan Gload
Cy Young - Willis Floyd
ROY - Ruben Vidal

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