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Thursday, April 26, 2012

NL West Preview

Season 23 Standings

1. Helena 95-67
2. Honolulu - 88-74
3. Los Angeles - 80-82
4. San Francisco - 71-91


1. Helena
Additions - A world Series trophy
Subtractions - Billy Downs
Nef effect - positive
Prediction - The champs had a quiet off-season, but they really didn't have much (if anything) to replace/upgrade. There is no reason to think that they won't win the division.

Additions - Buddy Houston, Jose Ramirez, Guy Dalrymple, Jeromy West, Derrek Peters
Subtractions - Shea Unroe, Don Guerrero, Giovanni Jennings
Nef effect - positive
Prediction - A Wild Card is probable and a division title is within reach. Some injury issues have kept a few addditions from contributing, but this is a very solid team.

Los Angeles
Additions - Louis Melville,
Subtractions - Clayton Mullin, Ahmad Bell Miguel Vazquez
Nef effect - older
Prediction - This team is better than their S23 results. The loss of Melville will hurt, but this team is still a contender. 3rd is likely, but 2nd and a Wild Card is possible.

San Francisco
Additions - Pascual Gongora,
Subtractions - Juan Vincente, Greg Hall
Nef effect - negative
Prediction - A team on the rise that saw the value of waiting a couple of seasons for their time. With or without Vincente, this is a 4th place team, so the plan is a good one.

MVP - Peter O'Connor
Cy Young - Victor Merrick
ROY - Paul Shibata

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