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Friday, April 20, 2012

AL West Preview

Season 23 Standings

1. Salem 103-59
2. St Louis 100-62
3. Fresno 91-71
4. Vancouver 63-99


Additions - Rico Martin (re-signed)
Subtractions - Gene Dillon
Net Effect - neutral
Prediction - Why mess with a good thing? The league's best team in Season 23 returns virtually intact, although they are aging a bit. Will they have enough pitching behind Manning? My guess is taht they will slip a bit in one of the most difficult divisions in 1530 - 2nd place and a Wild Card

St. Louis
Additions - Victor Pichardo, Brian Donahue, Giovanni Jennings
Subtractions - Edwin Skipworth
Net Effect - Positive
Preciction - Some nice fine-tuning work done by a 100 win team. This is a very difficult division, and I think that a 2nd place finish would be a success (and a playoff berth), but I have a hard time picking them over Salem and............

Additions - John Baek, Freddy Christenson, Jesus Pineda, Bert Throneberry, Randy Broome
Subtractions - Edgar Johnson
Net Effect - Very Positive
Preciction - Fresno was extremely active in the trade market and they are clearly the most improved team in the West, if not the entire AL. A 90 win team in Season 23, I see them increasing their win total by at least 10 and winning the division in the process.

Addition by subtraction - Stan Thompson
Subtraction by addition - Joe Campbell
Net Effect - neutral
Preciction - Even though they didn't do much, I like what they are doing. Vancouver will not win this season in this division so what's the point? They will finish with a respectable record (and 4th place finish) and bide their time until their robust farm system matures in the next two seasons. At that point, the three teams above will have likely run their course and have to start the re-build.

Cy Young - Ivy Latham
MVP - Trenidad Trajano
ROY - Russell Lincoln

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