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Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekly Rankings - Week 3

1. Helena Hustle (43-12) - prev #1 - A 15-5 week included taking 2 of 3 from Houston. They are 1st in batting, 4th in pitching, and 6th in fielding. Run differential +145

2. Kansas City Crusaders (39-16) - prev #2 - A 15-5 week with series split vs. Chicago. They are 3rd in batting, 1st in pitching, and average in the field. Run differential +142

3. Chicago Black Sox (37-18) - prev #5 - 16-4 for the week, with the split vs. KC and a series win vs. Honolulu. They are 2nd in batting, above average in pitching, and 1st in fielding. Run differential +108

4. Fresno Fire (32-23) - prev #10 - The top ranked AL team checks in at #4 after a 12-8 week. They are above average in batting, 5th in pitching, and below average in fielding. Run differential +65

5. Honolulu Tropics (35-20) - prev #6 - Honolulu stabilizes after an amazing run. They are 8th in batting, 10th in pitching, and 2nd in fielding. Run differential +57

6. Los Angeles Hollywoods (33-22) - prev NR - A 16-4 week catapults LA into the top 5. They are 10th in Batting, 8th in Pitching, and above average in the field. Run differential +51

7. Jacksonville TIMUCUAN'S (32-23) - prev #3 - A series loss to Montreal and a losing record for the week drops them four spots. They are 5th in batting, 11th in pitching, and average in fielding. Run differential +59

8. Oklahoma City Falcons (36-19) - prev #7 - OKC surprisingly falls after a very good 13-7 week, possibly due to the fact that 7 of their last 12 wins have been by one run. They are below average in batting, 3rd in pitching, and 10th in fielding. Run differential +40

9. Montreal Garde Imperiale (28-27) - prev #9 - Montreal is treading water, but still playing well below their expected win percentage. They are 4th in batting, 9th in pitching, and 5th in fielding. A prime candidate for a big week. Run differential +68

10. Houston Hangovers (32-23) - prev #4 - They are 20-20 over their last 40 games. Above average at the plate, 7th on the mound, and 3rd in the field. Run differential +48

8. Washington DC Secret Agents

Just missed
St. Louis

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