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Monday, July 9, 2012

Season 24 Free Agency Review - Pitchers


1. Jacob Hunter, Scottsdale, 3 years $35.4 million with a mutual option

Analysis - Hunter is one of the all-time greats. He is an excellent pitcher with marginal stamina for a starter. Health is a concern, but intangibles will see Hunter as a #2 SP for the duration of the contract. Career ERA of 2.68 is good for 4th best all-time. A good signing, although very expensive.

2. Sandy Ramsey, St. Louis, 4 years $36.4 million

Analysis - 35 years old with a career 4.00 ERA, Ramsey is a beast vs. righties and only average vs. lefties. His stats are skewed by his one year in Colorado, and he should be a top of the rotation gut for at least three more seasons. Not bad.

3. Sammy Duran, Oklahoma City, 2 years $12.6 million

Analysis - A lefty on the wrong side of 35, Duran has enough gas in the tank to finish out this contract. He has very good stamina and control, and above average splits. Career ERA of 3.81.

4. Otto Podsednik, Washington DC, 2 years $6.2 million

Analysis - A bargain. Podsednik is good, not great, but will hold down a #3 SP spot for two years and provide above average results. Pencil him in for 200 innings and an ERA in the low to mid 4s.

5. Julio Lopez Tampa Bay, 5 years $45.7 million

Analysis - Re-signed by Tampa, Lopez is 30 years old with excellent control, stamina, and 1st pitch. Career 3.82 ERA and 1.34 WHIP reveal that he is a top of the rotation starter, and should remain so throughout the duration of the contract. A good signing.

6. Alberto Martinez, St. Louis, 5 years $38.5 million

Analysis - A big contract for a young SP. Martinez has elite control and health, and this is not a bad investment for a top of the rotation SP with little injury risk. He will struggle vs. lefties, but 3.72 ERA and 1.26 WHIP are very good indicators that this is a vs. righty league.


1. Al Castilla, Kansas City, 1 year $5.4 million

Analysis - This Type A was signed by the World Champs after saving 25 games for Salem. He should be a good piece in the KC bullpen, eating 100+ innings with an ERA under 4.

2. Christian Martin, Milwaukee, 1 year $4.2 million

Analysis - This Type B was available on the cheap. Over the last two years, he has averaged 35 saves with an ERA in the mid 3s and a WHIP in the 1.1s. He is a bit of an injury prone dude, but this is a low-risk high-reward deal.

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