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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Season 24 Free Agency Review - Position Players

1. J.C. Drew, St. Louis, 3 years $16.2 million

Analysis - An all-star in season 23 and a ring in season 24 wasn't enough for cash-rich KC to keep him on board. A liability at 2B, Drew is more suited for COF at this stage in his career. A career OPS of .807 was bested by .100 points last season. Is this the new norm or will he crash back down to earth? He should be very productive for two seasons and above average for one - not a bad deal.

2. Louie Delgado, St. Louis, 4 years $22.4 million with a no-trade clause

Analysis - It's raining cash in St. Louis! Delgado is an elite player in 1530. He is a career .292 hitter with 659 homers, 1777 RBI's, and 1524 runs. He is a 7-time all-star with 4 (FOUR!) rings. The hall of fame may be in his future and, although his skills are declining, he should have 3 or 4 good seasons left in the tank.

3. Mike Watson, Oklahoma City, 2 years $12.6 million

Analysis - An above average eye makes Watson an above average batter. Best suited for COF, but able to play 2B, Watson is a versatile #2 or #3 hole player. A solid pick-up with very low risk for skills decline due to his age and contract length.

4. Willie Bennett, Jacksonville, 4 years $24 million

Analysis - Above average defensively in COF and able to play 3B, this 29 year old is a solid, though not spectacular, player. Pencil him in for 15-20 homers and 70-80 RBIs with the potential to do more if plugged in the 4 hole.

5. Julian Guerrero, Norfolk, 4 years $20.8 million with a mutual option

Analysis - Still only 29, Julian has yet to have a breakout year. All the tools are there, and he is perfectly suited for the #2 spot in the lineup. This is basically a three year deal and there should be little decline in his skills during that time. Based on his pedestrian numbers, this is a bad deal. But based on potential, a good one

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