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Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 2 Power Rankings

1. Kansas City Crusaders (14-5) - KC leads the world in run differential, expected win percentage, and overall record. They were also 4-1 vs. other Top 10 teams. Run differential +49

2. Jacksonville TIMUCUAN'S (12-6) - Jacksonville leads the AL in both expected win percentage and run differential. JAX was 2-1 vs other Top 10 teams. Run differential +37

3. Honolulu Tropics (14-5) - Honolulu is tied with KC for best record in the world and 4th in expected win percentage and 3rd in run differential. They were 4-2 fpr the week vs. Top 10 teams. Run differential +30

4. Indianapolis Greyhounds (10-9) - A relatively poor overall record does not reflect the quality of this team. They are second in run differential and third in expected win percentage. For the week, they were 1-2 vs Top 10 teams. Run differential +37

5. Oklahoma City Falcons (11-8) - OKC is fourth in run differential and fifth in expected win percentage. They were 1-2 for the week vs. Top 10 teams, losing that series to Jacksonville. Run differential +31

6. Pittsburgh Partymen (11-7) - Four of their seven losses came against Top 10 squads. They sixth in all three categories. Run differential +25

7. Boston Massacre (13-6) - 2-1 vs Top 10 teams for the week, but 0-3 vs. bitter enemy Durham. They are owners of the third best record in the world (imagine if they didn't get swept by Durham!). Exactly 50% of their losses came against Durham. Did I mention that they got swept by Durham? Run differential -13 vs Durham. +34 vs. everyone else.

8. St. Louis Cardinals (10-9) - 0-0 vs. the Top 10, the Cards are 7th in both run differential and expected win percentage. Run differential +22

9. Tampa Bay Bats (12-7) - Too bad the rankings didn't come out last week as the Bats were 8-1 and on a roll. After a 4-6 stretch, they have returned to Earth. They were 3-2 vs. Top 10 teams. Run differential +23

10. Helena Hustle (9-9) - The .500 Hustle barely make the list. Over .500 of their games have been against Top 10 teams so they are a good candidate to climb the list in coming weeks. Run differential + 30

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