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Monday, August 13, 2012

Ideas on rules

First things first, the idea behind private world rules is to make this game more enjoyable for everyone and to set expectations. This is a great game and we all want to run our team they way we want to run our team but, at the same time, we all want good competition.

As it relates to mwelker, he has played by the rules and has not used foul language or personally attacked anyone in the world chat, so he has just as much of a right to be here as any of us. You may not agree with how his team was built or how he handles himself in trades or on the chat, but there is nothing that can be done about it. What we can do, however, is establish rules going forward that prevent these situations from happening again. So, without further ado........


1. Minimum total player salary of $30M and maximum total player salary of $100M.

Teams may not go under or over the minimum and maximum total player salaries, respectively.

2. Maximum contract offered to international players is an MLB Contract with a maximum bonus of $20M.

3. All owners are required to actively participate on all levels, INLCLUDING MINOR LEAGUES, to prevent routinely fielding a non-competitive team.

Active participation shall be defined as regularly logging in and assigning players to prevent fatigue. Failure to login for any consecutive 10 day period shall constitute a violation of this rule except where the commissioner or league has been notified first. A non-competitive team shall be defined as one that is sufficiently weakened in any manner so as to render the match a non-event. (i.e. final score 28-3; fielding pitchers who enter the game at 0% usually will result in a "non-event," the result being more a "football score" rather than baseball.) Non-events, however, are not limited to only fielding pitchers at 0%. Owners will be given a "reasonable time"(10 games) by the commissioner to correct the problem. After 10 games, if the problem continues and matches remain non-events, the comissioner will have discretion to allot more time to the owner or impose the penalty of immediate replacement.

4. All owners must win a minumum of 55 games in any one season, and 120 games over any 2 year span.

Any owner who fails to meet the 55/120 win requirement will be removed from the league prior to roll-over into the next season. Where there exists a special circumstance an owner may be allowed another season to meet the win requirement. A special circumstance will be considered only upon the owner's request to the commissioner, via trade chat or sitemail. A special circumstance is any circumstance out of the owner's control that is the reasonable cause of the owner's failure to meet the win requirement,or any circumstance that reasonably deprives the owner of his/her time, attention, or opportunity to tend to his team. Such circumstance will be determined solely by the commissioner who shall have broad discretion.

5. Prospect Cap of 30 million

6. Transfer of budgeted money not allowed

I will take an informal poll (to the left) and see which (if any) have support. If something looks promising, I will put it to a vote in the trade chat. A rule needs at least 17 "yes" votes to pass.

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