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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rules! Rules! Rules!

Thoughts on rules........

We all want competitive balance and, at the same time, want the freedom to do whatever we want to do with our team. As many have said before, we are all given the same amount of money, and what you do with it should be up to you.

To most, if not all, competitive balance means that there are no teams that try to lose. Characteristics of these teams include not signing free agents (even when incredibly cheap), promoting AAA guys not worth an ML spot, and running out SP's at 0(0) stamina. I think that we would all agree that this is an unacceptable strategy and bad for the league.

Having said that, an acceptable strategy in this game is to not try to win. I'll be the first to admit that I am not trying to win the division this season, or last, or the one before that. There are probably over half of us that would say the same. We all know it is not our time. This is also known as building for the future. It is good for any world to have people building for the future.

So how do you allow those to build for the future while, at the same time, ensure competitive balance and eliminate tanking? I don't think that it is by limiting how they spend (or don't spend) their money. I think that we would all agree that if someone can win 70 games with a team of guys making the ML minimum then that owner would be commended, and allowed the freedom to do whatever he wants to do with his saved money.

There can be, however, a fine line between losing on purpose and not trying to win. And the only way to address this is with rules. And believe me, I do not enjoy creating rules for a fake baseball game. It might be the nerdiest thing that I can think of. But here we are.

The only rule that I can think of to ensure competitive balance, eliminate tanking, and allow for rebuilding is a minimum win rule. We have one of those and, to my knowledge, it has been working fine. But I am all for improving the league, and if we need a stricter win rule to do that, then I'm all for that, as well.

Therefore, my plan is to put four options to a vote over trade chat. They are as follows:

All options would include the following language (New owners will be given a 2 year "grace period" before the rule would apply. Violators will be put to a vote).

1. All teams must win at least 110 games over a 2-year period. (currently in place)

2. All teams must win at least 120 games over a 2-year period.

3. All teams must win at least 55 games in any given season.

4. All teams must win at least 55 games in one season, at least 120 over two seasons, at least 185 over three seasons, and at least 265 over four seasons.

I appreciate everyone's input on other rules, but if we get this right, they will take care of themselves.

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