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Monday, August 20, 2012

Top 10 and Mid-season Review

1. Kansas City Crusaders (67-27) Prev #1
2. Fresno Fire (59-35) - Prev #3
3. Boston Massacre (58-36) - Prev #2
4. Oklahoma City Falcons (54-40) - Prev #6
5. Honolulu Tropics (63-31) - Prev #5
6. Chicago Black Sox (53-41) - Prev #8
7. Helena Hustle (55-39) - Prev #4
8. Montreal Garde Imperiale (53-41) - Prev #7
9. St. Louis Cardinals (51-43) - Prev #9
10. Jacksonville TIMUCUANS (50-44) - Prev NR

10. Los Angeles Hollywoods

AL North
Montreal has built a solid lead, with Salt Lake their only real competition. Cincy and Toledo are in full rebuilding mode. Montreal is a lock for the playoffs, with SLC having a shot at the Wild Card
MVP - Henry Wise
Cy Young - Jason Weaver
ROY - Jose Sosa

AL East
Much like the North, the East has one dominant team (Boston), one challenger (DC), and two rebuilds (Durham and Philly). Boston is a lock and DC is in a dog fight for a Wild Card spot.
MVP - Dwight Humphries
Cy Young - Albert Mondesi
ROY - Dicky Barnes

AL South
OKC and Jacksonville are the class of the south, but every team has a realistic shot at the playoffs. This is the most competitive of the AL divisions.
MVP - Don Chen
Cy Young - Timothy Crawford
ROY - Troy Everett

AL West
Fresno has built a commanding lead, while St. Louis and Salem are Wild Card contenders. Vancouver appears to be in re-building mode.
MVP - Trenidad Trajano
Cy Young - Ivy Latham
ROY - Matty Chavez

NL North
KC has steamrolled the NL, and their only real competition is for the #1 seed in the playoffs. Milwaukee and Pittsburgh are flirting with .500, while Cleveland is looking towards the future.
MVP - Midre Valentin
Cy Young - Max Winn
ROY - Cody Ott

NL East
Chicago has built a good-sized lead, with Indy hovering around .500 and Buffalo and Norfolk packed in for the season.
MVP - Harry Silva
Cy Young - Jonathan Porcello
ROY - Damaso Garza

NL South
The best race in the NL is in the South, with a fading Tampa trying to hold off a surging Houston. Montgomery is still in the picture, with Memphis biding its time for better days.
MVP - Jonathan Gload
Cy Young - Willis Floyd
ROY - Chip Lamb

NL West
With two locks for the playoffs (Honolulu and Helena), the West is the best in the NL. A fading LA is at a crossroads, and San Francisco is out of it for this season.
MVP - Stan Walker
Cy Young - Jackie Franklin
ROY - Vladimir Calles

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