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Thursday, September 6, 2012

NL North Draft/IFA Combo

To start the NL.....

Kansas City
Top Draft Pick
RF Barry Perry (active)
Season 21, Round 1, Pick 3
Peak Rating - 82 (still climbing)
Stats - .307 BA, .922 OPS, 22 HR's, 82 RBI's (one season)
Awards - none
Just 22 and in his first season, Perry is the likely ROY and will be a contender for an all-star berth every season. Proto-typical RF with >80 in the key batting trinity of power, vs RHP, and batting eye. Will be somewhat limited by average durability.
Runner-up - Jackson Blackwell
1B Midre Valentin (active)
Season 21, $23.2 million
Peak Rating - 87 and climbing
Stats - .306 BA, .967 OPS, 106 HR's, 291 RBI's
Awards - WS Ring and Silver Slugger
Over 90 in power, vs RHP, and Batting, Valentin is among the best hitters in the game. Elite durability allows for over 600 at bats per season, which means he will put up big HR and RBI totals every season
Runner-up - Dioner Soriano

Top Draft Pick
LF Benji Neill (active)
Season 10, Round 1, Pick 1
Peak Rating - 90
Stats - .318 BA, .954 OPS, 248 HR's, 1021 RBI's
Awards - 9 x all-star, 3 x silver slugger, 1 gold glove
Elite contact, vs LHP, and Batting Eye, but only average vs RHP. In any event, one of the all-time great hitters in our league. Career OBP of .445
Runner-up - Ken DeRosa
SP Miguel Vazquez (active)
Season 2, $7.2 million
Peak Rating - 79
Stats - 265-195, 3.75 ERA, 1.26 WHIP
Awards - 5X all-star, 1 Cy Young, 1 WS Ring, 1 Perfect Game
Very good make-up has allowed for a long career. In his prime, excellent stamina, control, and vs. LHB. A candidate for the HOF.
Runner-up -Midre Cervantes

Top Draft Pick
SP Guy Wilson (active)
Season 23, Round 1, Pick 5
Peak Rating - 71 and climbing
Stats - 35-14, 2.98 ERA and 1.19 WHIP (minors)
Awards - none
Projected as a a #1 SP, Wilson will have solid ratings across the board. Should have a long, successful career that rivals his teammate (see below)
Runner-up - Sam Peterson
SP Albert Mondesi (active)
Season 16, $26.1 million
Peak Rating - 90
Stats - 91-49, 2.63 ERA, 1.11 WHIP
Awards - 3x all-star, 1 Cy Young
Another #1 SP with excellent ratings across the board. Perhaps the best SP in the game, with a Hall of Fame career likely.
Runner-up -Felipe Lugo

Top Draft Pick
2B Milton Simmons (retired)
Season 5, Round 1, Pick 3
Peak Rating - 90
Stats - .303 BA, .960 OPS, 566 HR's, 1860 RBI's
Awards - 11 x all-star, 9 x silver slugger, 4 x MVP, 1 Gold Glove
When your runner-up is in the HOF, you know that a guy is good. Somehow snubbed this season, Simmons is a lock for the hall. In fact, he might be the single best player in this game not named Charles Lawrence. In Season 12, he had over 140 runs and RBI's, and over 50 SB's and HR's. All while playing as a plus defensive 2B.
Runner-up - Brent Sabel
SP Enerio Duran (active)
Season 24, $20 million
Peak Rating - 69 and climbing
Stats - 21-12, 2.60 ERA, 1.16 WHIP (minors)
Awards - none
Yet again, an SP projected as a #1. Very solid ratings across the board, and a very good buy in the IFA market. Destined for a long career with one team, and >150 career wins could be in the cards.
Runner-up - Miguel Johnson

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